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First Communion - Present

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Eve Thu 15-May-03 22:49:36

We have been invited to DHs nephews 1st communion in a few weeks time.

Can anyone suggest a suitable gift/present? I have no idea what is expected (1st time I have been to 1 of these!) but I do assume presents are generally given to the child.

Proably expect to spend in and around the £20-30 mark.

Many thanks.

marialuisa Fri 16-May-03 09:51:09

Due to the hideous Catholic tat nature of most traditional communion presents, in our family we tend to give a "religious" type present (which is usually quite cheap) and a present present. my little brother has his 1st h.C. in a few weeks and we've got him an illustrated children's version of the parables (£9.99 from Waterstones) and a much craved DVD.

It might be worth checking what parents/grandparents are giving as they are likely to give things such as a children's version of the missal, rosary etc..

And if you find a shop that sells decent cards please let me know! All the ones i've seen are awful and the angelic small boys on the front do not resemble my brother at all!

maryz Fri 16-May-03 10:15:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marialuisa Fri 16-May-03 10:31:53

Could you get him a watch? Or what about a moneybox to put his takings in?? I know what you mean about something to remember the day by, I still wear the pearl cross my granparents gave me 20 years on! If the family don't want religious books how about a really nice hard back encyclopaedia or other reference book? It may not have instant appeal in the way a game boy game might but it'll last and he probably will turn to it.

eefs Fri 16-May-03 11:07:02

I feel the close relatives will get the presents and others usually give money. I'm going to my BF's daughters communion tomorrow and am going to give money. It's a personal thing I think, I remember getting money for mine and being delighted as it all added up (I was a materialistic little girl!). I opened my first savings account with it which made me feel so grown up.

Tortington Fri 16-May-03 14:44:48

my kids got shed loads of rosary beads. so as marialuisa suggested another gift as well - i think thats a fab idea - and the kid actually gets to "enjoy" it

carriemac Fri 16-May-03 19:05:14

silver cuff links

Tinker Fri 16-May-03 19:08:34

Glad someone's started this tread. It's my goddaughters (I know...) soon so I asked her mum who said 'nothing religiousy'! I expect it's safer to buy what you would for Chrsitmas/birthday etc. I never got anything for mine.

ScummyMummy Fri 16-May-03 19:17:35

You got nothing for yours, Tinker? That's terrible! Were you meant to be so overawed by the religious joy that a present wasn't necessary or something?

Bobsmum Fri 16-May-03 19:19:13

Have a look at wesleyowen for some non cheesy religious stuff (hopefully). Otherwise gift vouchers or book tokens are always appreciated. your local christian book shop should have a bigger variety of 1st communion cards than a regular bookshop.

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 19:20:53

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 19:22:15

Message withdrawn

maryz Fri 16-May-03 21:24:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marialuisa Mon 19-May-03 09:59:05

Just to scare you all, I have a goddaughter in Spain and won't make it to her 1st communion, so I had a look on the El Corte ingles website for a present, there were PS2 (not just the games), bikes and mountains of other kit. Not a religious present in sight. My brother overheard the conversation my mum and i had and decided to suggest a few (hideously expensive) presents. DH agreed on the condition he wore the minature admiral's costume that Spanish boys suffer

ThomCat Mon 19-May-03 14:01:47

you might think this is rubish, but if it's something to rememebr the day by and you want one of the presents to be un-religious, how about a CD of the band that are number 1 at the moment, and a boys magazine of the month of his communion, a newspaper from the day, etc etc and put it all in a presentation type box or bag??? You could bung in a set of rosary beads or somehing as well and then he could keep all his cards or whatever little other things he gets on the day in the box?
I did something like that for my daughter when she was baptised. She';s got a few different newspapers and a vouge and stuff, plus a CD single from that week etc.

maryz Mon 19-May-03 21:51:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThomCat Tue 20-May-03 12:38:13

Why thank you Maryz! Yeah I did it for my God-daughter when she was born. It's just a personal pressie that you can put some thought into and is nice to keep. I love keeping things of Lotties, I've got her first cinema ticket stub etc etc etc! and I keep them all in a 'baby box' for her. I've also started a dressing up box for her a swell of all clothes I suddenly decide i hate, some go to charity and some to her box!

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