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Texting whilst driving- worth a look especially if you are parents of teens.

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LittleMissBliss Wed 26-Aug-09 20:55:48

It is very graphic! But i am going to show this to dp when he gets home. He often uses his phone whilst driving no matter how much we all tell him not toangry! Hoping this will knock some sense into him!

I'm not sure if this has been shown before or how great the link is. I saw it on facebook but don't want to link to my personal facebook.

LittleMissBliss Wed 26-Aug-09 21:01:22

It is quite long but really gets the message across, more so than a minute clip.

eandh Wed 26-Aug-09 21:07:24

very powerful clip - imo should be shown to all people who apply for a license/test (and a fair few that hold a license too!)

LittleMissBliss Wed 26-Aug-09 21:17:57

I agree, I think clips such as this should be shown at the end of the theory test. I'm sure it would put allot of people off and show how easy it is to go of course when distracted.

HolyGuacamole Wed 26-Aug-09 21:24:05

I knew someone who was killed by someone on a mobile phone. The person I knew was crossing the road at traffic lights and was run over. The drivers phone was found in the footwell of the car, they denied being on the phone, but of course the call register proved otherwise.

The person I knew was thrown 40 feet away from the car, died instantly.

Using a mobile phone is wrong, wrong, wrong sad

I remember reading somewhere that using a mobile phone whilst driving is statistically as bad as drink driving in terms of how much it diverts your attention.

People think it won't happen to them though, that they are too good a driver. Sorry, but they are wrong.

One of our friends uses his mobile whilst driving with his 2 year old son in the car.......makes my blood absolutely boil.

Sidge Wed 26-Aug-09 21:31:02

That's pretty powerful.

I am astounded at the number of people that still talk/text on their phones when driving. Maybe that should be shown in an advert break on prime time TV.

LittleMissBliss Wed 26-Aug-09 21:35:43

I know of quite a few too, I didn't do it before it was illegal and don't do it now. I just wouldn't have the skill to use a phone and give the road my full attention.

My steering wheel has controls for the radio/cd player at the side so can change tracks withought being ditracted.

Things like that clip scare the crap out of me, just because i try to be a careful driver doesn't mean myself and ds wont be in an accident, because there are idiots out there (dp) that think they are the worlds best drivers, so the law doesn't apply to themhmm!

LittleMissBliss Thu 27-Aug-09 16:39:45


shhhh Sun 30-Aug-09 18:41:26

WOW sad..... hits home...

shonaspurtle Sun 30-Aug-09 18:44:36

I passed an accident on the motorway a couple of years ago. The car was on its roof in a field by the side of the road.

Later I read about it in the paper. The driver had been sending a text. Last thing he did - lost control and killed instantly. What a dreadful waste sad

Disenchanted3 Sun 30-Aug-09 18:47:36

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