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American I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

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meanmum Thu 15-May-03 19:47:04

Have any of you been watching ITV2 tonight. Dh put it on and there is an American one (as per title of thread) on at the moment. I can't believe it. They're much more interesting than the English one as there are two girls on it really going for it. One just physically threatened the other.

Then they just had 2 Aboriginals come into camp and pretend they had been walking by the camp a few times over the last few days and heard their conversations etc. What a load of bollocks as the Aboriginals were painted all in white and none of them ever walk around Australia like that unless it is put on for the tourists or a private ceremony for the Aboriginals only.

It is an absolute scream you have to tune in.

Oh yeah, then there was this girl that had to get stuff out of the swamp that apparently had crocodiles in it and snakes. I saw the snake but the crocodile didn't move once in the water so there was no way that was live. THey had a guy on the bank with a gun and they said they were going to shoot any crocodiles that got close to her. Too late, they move to fast. NO way would they have done that in time.

Hilarious I'm telling you.

jodee Thu 15-May-03 22:50:27

Meanmum, I didn't realise it was on already - do we know any of these celebs?

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