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table top sale

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geogteach Mon 30-May-05 13:23:41

I've booked a table at a local sale for kids stuff 0-10. Having 3 kids under 4 I have piles of gear and need some advice on how to narrow it down. What sort of stuff will go well? How much to charge? I have clothes, some toys and equipment and maternity wear. Also how would you present it, as you can tell i'm a novice to selling stuff!

Miaou Mon 30-May-05 14:17:10

Hmm... never done it myself,geogteach, but I would suggest having boxes with the clothes in, either arranged in age or type (eg tops, trousers) etc, because as soon as people start rummaging you will end up with a huge jumbled up pile! Even better, if you can hang your maternity stuff on a rail it will be easier for people to see/rummage through. I would put toys in boxes on the floor in front of the table too.

Another suggestion - have an idea in mind of what to charge, but don't price things as you will put people off browsing. And be prepared to offer a discount for a bulk buy!

Finally have a few carriers available for those people who haven't brought their own, and have somewhere secure to store your cash (eg bum bag).

mckenzie Mon 30-May-05 15:01:20

Never done a table top geogteach but I've dont plenty of NCT Nearly New Sales and from my experience there I would say toys will sell best. When you price things, forget what you paiod for them but think instead about how cheaply could you buy the item in a cheap shop like Toys R Us, Tesco etc. If you're able to use a clothes rail that is best for anything that can be hung. Vests/babygros dont tend to sell well but standard things like tracksuits, jumpers, dresses, anoraks usually go. If possible put a label on the outside of the item with the size clearly shown to save people having to look inside and you can add comments such as 'only worn twice'.
If you're unsure about the price to ask then go for the lowest amount you'd be prepared to except. In my experience people who price low and present their items clean and neat will sell.

Maternity has never sold well at the Nearly New sales but you never know. Just depends who comes to your sale huh?

spacecadet Mon 30-May-05 15:57:52

ive done a few and am a regular car booter, for clothes, you want one of those cheap clothesrailsfrom argos, 6.99 to hang them on, then have boxxes for small thingslike body suitst shirtsvestsetc, boxthem according to age etc andwrite clearly, ie, girls 0-12 months, bodysuits, vests, t-shirts all 50p, price thingsup a little bit more than you want aspeople will haggle, put really nice stuff on thetableso it catches people eyes.go with plenty of changeand a bum bag for your takings, saveall your tesco carrier bags to put soldstuff in.

geogteach Tue 31-May-05 13:28:22

bump for everyone who had better things to do on bank holiday!

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