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Nutjob Thu 15-May-03 18:54:31

My ds has been going on and on about getting one of these. Finally sucumbed today, but when I got it out of the box, I realised you had to put the bloody thing together!! Either dh and I are wearing our stupid hats tonight or you need a degree in nuclear physics to do it. Anyone got any tips? Ds is getting most upset!!

edgarcat Thu 15-May-03 19:05:17

Message withdrawn

lou33 Thu 15-May-03 20:13:22

Took 4 of us to work ds's first one out last weekend. He does love it though.

Nutjob Thu 15-May-03 20:17:44

Think we've sort of got it working, although it goes on to the launcher at a strange angle. But it's spinning so ds is happy!!! Dh on the other hand has gone to have a bath in a foul mood - don't think it helped when ds kept saying 'Christian's daddy can do it - shall we ring him up'!!!!!

janh Thu 15-May-03 20:33:51

We managed to put several together but they mostly broke again after quite a few spins...

You know you can get like aggressors and defenders, and then the ones that just spin? Well, they're the easiest!

tigermoth Thu 15-May-03 22:57:22

don't be a DIY beyblader, that my tip, nutjob, though it's too late for you now. Best bet is to delegate ie find an older beyblader - the 8 year olds in my son's class are expert. Get your boy, ask nicely and I bet he'll be delighted to show you his skills and build the fiddly thing for you.

jinna Thu 15-May-03 23:20:52

for all you beyblade fans - there are beyblade competitions being held at some toysrus store - see their website

tigermoth Fri 16-May-03 10:30:59

thanks for that, jinna. My son will be very excited.

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 10:31:42

Message withdrawn

judetheobscure Fri 16-May-03 11:17:38

Definitely shouldn't break although you can take them apart and reassemble in different ways (customize). Once you've done a couple the rest do become easier. Re - getting them straight on the launcher - you may not have twisted the sections far enough oe even too far. Once you have a few to play with (one each) they are good fun.

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 11:18:46

Message withdrawn

tigermoth Fri 16-May-03 11:34:40

or a wok.

monkey Fri 16-May-03 11:42:37

what are beyblades?

pie Fri 16-May-03 11:45:06

Here monkey check this out. My DD has been expressing interest in getting some Beyblades after frantically dancing to the theme tune of the cartoon. Will it ever end?

EJsMum Fri 16-May-03 11:45:25

Kids toys, kind of like a mini plastic spinning top with a rip cord instead of a plunger. Kids 'battle' with them, or alternatively, just leave them lying around my house for me to stand on (bare feet - OUCH!)or for my 9mo old to pick up....

Tortington Fri 16-May-03 14:37:24

as a tip - should it come in handy for any srious beyblade enthusiasts - my son uses the BBQ as an arena with his friends - its one of those round BBQ's.

its not lit at the time ( cant say i've not bin tempted tho!)

janh Fri 16-May-03 20:33:57

Don't the beyblades end up smothered in sticky ash?

Blimey, custardo, don't tell me you scrub the thing out when it's empty?

Tortington Fri 16-May-03 21:15:15

nooo- threw the ash away - and if they want it clean - they can clean it! - however i must admit the rain did a good job! havent used it this year yet!

iota Sat 17-May-03 15:46:06

Hey Nutjob - just to make you feel inadequate - my 3 year old is an expert Beyblade assembler - he got several at christmas and often takes them apart and mix and matches parts together.

It must be easy when you know how

Nutjob Sat 17-May-03 20:14:49


WideWebWitch Sat 17-May-03 20:32:51

They are a PITA aren't they? Dp does them, never tried myself. Agree, get an 8 yo boy to help if you don't think it will make your dh feel emasculated!

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