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shameless plea...

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misdee Sun 29-May-05 23:34:55

for all those not signed up and want to be organ donantion list

hunkermunker Sun 29-May-05 23:35:28

I'm on the list, but will add the thread to my watch list and bump for you on occasion, Misdee.

misdee Sun 29-May-05 23:35:58

and for some reading on people who have had transplants john fishers site he is truely amazing and a inspiration to dh.

jessicasmummy Sun 29-May-05 23:36:14

do i need to sign there if i have it stated as a part of my driving license that im a registered doner?!

misdee Sun 29-May-05 23:36:42

no idea. i signed through the site.

huggybear Sun 29-May-05 23:36:55

signed up already xx

MarsLady Sun 29-May-05 23:36:58

I'm already registered but will try to remember to bump this as well.

jessicasmummy Sun 29-May-05 23:37:07

ill do it anyway misdee xx

jessicasmummy Sun 29-May-05 23:39:32

all done.

misdee Sun 29-May-05 23:41:00

excellant. how are you feeling after your op btw?

hunkermunker Sun 29-May-05 23:41:07

Also, make sure your relatives know you're on the list, so they're aware of your wishes.

jessicasmummy Sun 29-May-05 23:54:45

not bad thanks misdee.... getting there now, can actually lift my baby without crying in pain!

Hows peter doing? Trying to keep up but get lost sometimes. Hope all is well. Think of you all often.

TwoAngels Mon 30-May-05 11:11:20

just signed up ere too

suzywong Mon 30-May-05 11:22:40

just sent off my form here in Australia this week

GRMUM Mon 30-May-05 11:28:09

I am signed up here in Greece. There is very low rates of organ donation here. One 12 year old boy has been waiting for about 18 months - the last 12 months with a technical heart. They show him a lot on the TV to try to increase awareness but don't think its very sucessful.

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