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Moving from Birmingham to Kent- but not sure where! Help

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kirstykoo Mon 24-Aug-09 18:07:24


My husband and I live in Birmingham and have 16 month old. We've both landed new jobs (he in London and I in Maidstone) and are now looking to move. My parents live in Canterbury but I'm looking for a nice place that is good for all of us. My husband will take the train.

Can anyone help with some good tips/advice. Both delighted at the news, but now overwhelmed with finding a place to live, nursery for the baby etc etc.


eandh Mon 24-Aug-09 18:15:45

Well I am in Maidstone and nice areas withing Maidstone with good schools nearby are



Grove Green (these 3 have fantastic schools such as St Johns, Thurham and Madingford the first 2 are very hard to get into and on strict catchment area basis)

Boughton Monchelsea (although the proper village not the new estate they say is Boughton Monchelsea as it backs on to a a veery very rough council estate) has a lovely school with fantastic ofsted and results although if you rely on public transport its a nightmare (IL's live there!!)

East and West Farleigh (lovely local village type school and fantastic preschool that I am chair off and dd2 starts soon)

Loose (there is Loose village and lots of surrounding roads and good school which dd1 starts 2 weeks today!)

AM sure there are more but thats is all I can think off.

You do have a lot of surrounding villages on outskirts of Maidstone like Headcorn, Tenterden, Charing, HArrietsham, Staplehurst, Lenham, DEtling etc but not sure about schools/accessibility etc (well know a bit about Harrietsham as sil/bil lived there and neice/nephew go to school there but they have just moved to weavering)

Need to put dd2 to bed but will be back in a bit grin

QOD Mon 24-Aug-09 18:20:30

oh i was born in Boughton Bottom!

Loose by the way is prounced Loo's before you go in and say Loose (as in Loose women LOL)

Little village called Leeds, I think your mum could nominate some nice villages round Cant - I am further along, jct 11 (Maidstone is jct 8ish I think)

kirstykoo Mon 24-Aug-09 21:15:15

Thanks for such a quick response. We were thinking Sevenoaks- despite being from Kent I've never been there!! We only have one car - which I'll use for work- so it's ideal for the trains. Any thoughts??

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