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All I wanted was ONE nice little sleepsuit

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ThisIsWhyYouWereToldNotTo Mon 24-Aug-09 17:36:10

Is it really that much to ask for?

In the summer Gap had nice ones with bright coloured stars on them, but of course now I have money and am past the paranoid no-buying stage, they have stopped selling them.

We don't know the sex. I'm planning on just a basic pack of unisex sleepsuits and vests to buy before and then sort anything else afterwards but I just wanted one nice thing in advance.

Unisex, pref vaguely bright colours rather than pastels, all in one sleepsuit job (ie not over the head). I didn't think it would be that hard (esp having seen the ones in Gap).

Gap are now bloody lime green or blue/pink. Next was meh, H&M - sod all (which was surprising as I got DS a lovely tigger one when he was born), supermarkets were all a bit bland too.

I feel cheated out of my one baby shopping thing.

4andnotout Mon 24-Aug-09 17:39:52

Tkk Maxx had some lovely bold sleepsuits when i went in last week, my personal fave was white with big purple stars on, they had it in white and yellow and white and orange i think

EffiePerine Mon 24-Aug-09 17:45:48

\link{\green baby?

EffiePerine Mon 24-Aug-09 17:46:32

try again

EffiePerine Mon 24-Aug-09 17:47:12

blardy tech changing the links - when did THAT happen?

ScummyMummy Mon 24-Aug-09 17:50:43

Anything here? Pricey though...

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Mon 24-Aug-09 17:52:59 These are some one the ones I have found in TK Maxx recentley, really bright and colourful! Probably the same as the ones 4andnotout saw.

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Mon 24-Aug-09 17:55:18

TK Maxx aslso sell Katvig and others found on the nordic kids site and much cheaper too.

ThisIsWhyYouWereToldNotTo Mon 24-Aug-09 18:04:42

ooh i love MN

will look properly and shop later

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