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Fathers Day - What do i buy???

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Henda Sun 29-May-05 20:13:29

I need some ideas for a Fathers Day gift for dh. Ds was a sort of miracle baby, born against all the odds, so he is really looking forward to his first Fathers Day. I wanna get him something special to commermorate it, but have no idea what to get. Please help

MRSflamesparrow Sun 29-May-05 20:14:28

Hmmm... an engraved pocket watch with DS's name and dob?

jessicasmummy Sun 29-May-05 20:14:30

ideas for our first fathers day needed too!!!

hermykne Sun 29-May-05 20:17:42 do funky t-shirts which are fun
(some people dont like them)
but my bil got one with his and his baby sons name on it with "rock" and i love it.

emma bridgewater does commisions for mugs or bowls - maybe cereal bowls or little and large mugs??

hermykne Sun 29-May-05 20:18:45

or what about an enlarged photo done up on canvas by youare or not sure

quite a few companys do that

i got dh our dd done up big for the wall
he loved it

Henda Sun 29-May-05 20:18:57

cool... likin the t-shirt idea

Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 20:19:34

Could you go to an art cafe and make a mug or plate with your ds's footprints on? I did then for ds1's 1st Fathers Day and dh still treasures it.

Henda Sun 29-May-05 20:25:33

ah yeah, we have one of those shops near to us, thats a lovely idea. is it hard to get a good print though?

Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 20:28:52

No it's quite easy! Well, ds was only a few months when I did it but it came out really nicely.

Henda Sun 29-May-05 20:30:31

cool, coz ds is only 4 months, i'll def give it a go

giraffeski Sun 29-May-05 21:07:51

Message withdrawn

ja9 Sun 29-May-05 21:20:57

a ring for his right hand with ds name inside?

ja9 Sun 29-May-05 21:21:18

when is fathers day aggain?

Henda Sun 29-May-05 21:26:03

19th June

Jayzmummy Tue 31-May-05 01:45:02

have you seen these?

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