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should i attempt to write a book .........

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misdee Sun 29-May-05 00:01:32

about my life atm?

colditz Sun 29-May-05 00:18:56

Do it. You have nothing to lose by writing a book, do you?

weesaidie Sun 29-May-05 00:26:13

Well I am attempting to write a book at the moment and it's not going too badly. It is probably terrible but I thought I'd give it ago!

Why not?

JustThinking Sun 29-May-05 00:28:29

Message withdrawn

tiffini Sun 29-May-05 00:30:53

it would also be lovely to pass down to future generations, It would be very interesting for them to read even the heartache

JustThinking Sun 29-May-05 00:38:17

Message withdrawn

lemonice Sun 29-May-05 00:39:58

Sounds like a good idea to me because if you start now you will have the beginnings even if it gets delayed for a while and if you have enough you feel motivated to start writing about now you will regret in the future not having written it down earlier. And you only need to have a teatment and a chapter or so to get an agent and sell it but if it's for yourself and your family then it's never too soon to do.

expatinscotland Sun 29-May-05 08:58:51

Sure! Why not?

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