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Anyone heard of company called ' United Land?'

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Goldfish Sat 28-May-05 13:59:06

Long shot I know, but has anyone heard of or had any dealings with this company?

NotQuiteCockney Sat 28-May-05 14:06:17

Not me - who are they? I'm good at web digging ... but "united land" throws up too much stuff.

Goldfish Sat 28-May-05 14:10:13

They sell plots of land to build your own properties on. I don't know much about it, but dh is away at the moment and he rung me last night and said ask on Mumsnet for me, they seem to know just about everything .

NotQuiteCockney Sat 28-May-05 14:22:59

Weird, I can't find anything about them, except that something of that name exists in Oxford (would that be right?).

This isn't an investment firm, right - they sell you land that you can go build on, with building rights already in place?

The absence of a website is a bit odd, but the lack of huge numbers of complaints about them is probably good.

Goldfish Sat 28-May-05 17:38:01

NotQuiteCockney, thanks for looking. I will have to get more details from dh when he gets in touch. I can't find anything else either.

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