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nutcracker Sat 28-May-05 10:41:11

Meant to say, the leggings arrived and they are great thanks.

Dd does her promise after half term so she is really pleased.


MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 10:44:36

Good, glad you're happy.

What did she do for her promise? The Methodist Church where DD goes to for Brownies has a pond and a bridge. They do the whole turn around look in the water thing there with the other Brownies standing on the bridge and around the pond. Rather sweet actually.

MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 10:45:02

doh... after half term.

nutcracker Sat 28-May-05 10:46:42

Ahhh that sounds lovely.

I think dd's group just stands in a circle in the hall.

MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 10:49:01

Don't forget to take your camera. It's a very special moment for them (even though I confess to being bored to tears sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....)

nutcracker Sat 28-May-05 10:55:05

Oooh yes thanks for the reminder, I always forget my camera for stuff like that.

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