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wow! you must order cards from jayzmummy

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popsycal Fri 27-May-05 20:05:06

she made me a card for the wedding of some friends of ours and it arrived today

it is sooo beautiful and i am over the moon with it

thank you so much!!!

LGJ Fri 27-May-05 20:06:18

I would love to...............but how does one go about it

Whizzz Fri 27-May-05 20:06:39

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 20:07:40

Thread here

popsycal Sat 28-May-05 11:10:53

bump so jayzmummy sees it

MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 11:16:08

I wish I had started this thread cos I've had about a dozen cards from jayzmummy. They are so gorgeous.

My favourite was a salsa dancer card for my BF. It was 3D effect. Wonderful. My friend keeps raving about it and won't put it away like other cards that she gets. It's on permanent display. She's made me lovely godfather cards for Father's Day and a lovely card for the kids to give to DH for Father's Day. She has made a beautiful, classy looking 40th birthday card for a friend. And we gave DT2's godfather a rather special 50th birthday card. He was so touched that it was made especially for him.

She prints the words that you want inside the card. I've had 2 orders made up already and am in the process of waiting for my 3rd order. I see no need to shop elsewhere frankly!

popsycal Sat 28-May-05 11:45:23

i think i will be returning

please bump this up if you see her around

Gwenick Sat 28-May-05 11:49:35

oooo - wow just had a look at some of do I find out how much they cost??????

popsycal Sat 28-May-05 11:50:58

email her

Jayzmummy Mon 30-May-05 17:13:04

Thanks Mars for your kind words.
Im soooooo glad you like the card popsycal...its one of my favourites to make.

Gwenick all of the cards are very reasonably priced..... a lot blooming chaeper than store bought cards thats for sure.

If you look in the gallery and see any cards you like the look of then simply contact the card maker and she will email you back. All of the card makers have got yahoo email addys to make life easier.

My cards start at £2 and go up to £4.95 for boxed special cards. That includes P&P and I make a 10% donation to the National Autistic Society.

Some of the crafters also offer discounts for bulk orders. I give 10% discount on orders of 5 cards or more.

Have a might be surprised at just how talented some of the mums are!!!

Gwenick Mon 30-May-05 18:02:24

Jayzmummy - I love the Rugby Fathers Day card - how much is that one????

Jayzmummy Tue 31-May-05 01:51:09

£2.20 inc P&P. If you email me at
my mn users name at yahoo dot co dot uk
we can talk cards if your interested.
The card is one I keep in stock and have made ready to go.

Bear with me though because Im going on hoilday in exactly 7 hours and 22 minutes time....will be back on 9th June....plenty of time to get it in the post before Fathers Day.

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