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Help - what am I going to call db if it is a boy?

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Miaou Fri 27-May-05 14:05:17

dh and I want a Gaelic first name for our db. We have a girls name all sorted, but just don't know about a boy's name. We both like Cameron and Calum, but tbh neither really lights my candle. I have looked on loads of websites but can't find anything I really like. Any suggestions?

Middle name will be Hugh, btw.

popsycal Fri 27-May-05 14:06:06


Toothache Fri 27-May-05 14:06:23

Caleb? Callan?

Iklboo Fri 27-May-05 14:09:09

I found this site if it's any help?

Miaou Fri 27-May-05 14:09:30

ooh, quite like Caleb. How do you pronounce it? Hard or soft c? Long or short a?

Sorry, am a bit dim on pronounciations....

Toothache Fri 27-May-05 14:10:59


Hulababy Fri 27-May-05 14:11:45

I like Caleb.

holynight Fri 27-May-05 14:12:34

How about

tiffini Fri 27-May-05 14:12:48

gaelic boys names

Miaou Fri 27-May-05 14:12:53

I'll run that one past dh then

Any more, oh wise ones?

tiffini Fri 27-May-05 14:17:09

sorry wrong link
try this one

Miaou Fri 27-May-05 14:22:40

I really like Finlay, holynight, but dh doesn't. .

jangus Fri 27-May-05 14:23:43

Im a teacher. Just looked through my register to see what there is...
Ruaidhri (there are other spellings)
don't know if you'll like any of these.

jangus Fri 27-May-05 14:24:26

Caoimhe is nice for a wee girl...

holynight Fri 27-May-05 14:24:35

I had the same problem Miaou with my dh.I likedFinlay and he just did,nt.

fisil Fri 27-May-05 14:24:56

Conal was a close contender for us

Janh Fri 27-May-05 14:30:21

Behind the Name has "Irish" names - the spelling will be different sometimes but lots of ideas.

Aidan is nice.

Janh Fri 27-May-05 14:31:15


Rhubarb Fri 27-May-05 14:31:31

Aidan is a nice name, it means 'little fire', so maybe that would 'light your candle' Miaou! (sorry!)

I wanted Alfie for mine, but then bloody Eastenders pinches it! So we named him Arthur. Not Gaelic in any way, but it kinda suits him now. I like Conan too.

Have you thought of Sherlock?

Janh Fri 27-May-05 14:34:39


There was a lovely teenage boy called that at Mark Warner last week, the only child there over the age of 7, he was so sweet and pleasant. He had a baby brother called Cilian (hard C, like Ciaren) who was a cutie too.

Janh Fri 27-May-05 14:35:05

Hello, Rhubarb! How're you doing, chuck?

Kidstrack2 Fri 27-May-05 14:35:07

I have always wanted to call a little boy of mine Gregor, But dp always hated it, maybe I will get another chance one day. Mine are Kieran-James and Emma. Also like the name Callan and Caleb

Janh Fri 27-May-05 14:36:06


Janh Fri 27-May-05 14:37:20


jangus Fri 27-May-05 14:37:56

don't know how to do links...
maybe you could find something on

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