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Valuer will be here in 15 mins..why am i still sat here !!!

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Evesmama Fri 27-May-05 13:38:03

pile of washing on table, toys all over floor and still i am typing

Evesmama Fri 27-May-05 15:23:23

well he;s been

Hulababy Fri 27-May-05 15:27:39

Oh dear; you okay?

LGJ Fri 27-May-05 15:55:12

Come on do tell..........

bonym Fri 27-May-05 15:58:05

mumsnet has a lot to answer for...

SPARKLER1 Fri 27-May-05 15:58:47

gerroffff Evesmamma

SPARKLER1 Fri 27-May-05 15:59:08

oopps didn't check time - you can can stay!!!!! pmsl

LGJ Fri 27-May-05 20:58:54


What ever the outcome, you can not draw on the wisdom and experience of MN if you don't post.

Frustrated ? MOI ? never

Evesmama Sat 28-May-05 22:35:53

sorry everyone..couldnt get on line properly last night and still having trouble tnight.

it was valued about 5k less than i 'wanted', but as dp had guessed, so put up inbetween what we were told and what we would have liked!as to get the house we want, we want a quick sale.

went to view some again today..first one was too small and needed major upgrading..second looked amaising..just three detached houses in cul de sac all facing small wall and trees, looked really beautiful and grreat for Eve to play out..but..sellers pg girlfriend ill so didnt turn up, arranged to see next sat instead, was very struck and estate agent said he would take a cheeky offer!
second and third dp went to se on cant say much about them, but last one he said had gorgeous split level garden..1/2 for grown ups(decking area)..the below all turfed for children..gunna see it next week together!


dar'nt do a grin yet!
when at park with dd our agent rang for a viewing this afty....
when she came..she lives just round corner in two bed(ours is three), is renting and has put notice in with landlord and said she offered on house up road although it needed all sorts doing!, she said ours was exactly to her taste from gaarden to bedrooms!, she asked what we were leaving and what time scale we were looking at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please stiop me from getting too excited!

Evesmama Sun 29-May-05 21:17:59

here's one for you...

if this woman offers tomorrow, we will feel very upset that we have to pay over £1000 to estate agent!, they havent even drawn up any details yet, we dont want a board or any advertising..they just made a phone call, she came round and thats it!

how would i stand (if she did want to buy) with regards to telling estate agent we have changed our mind???
we havent signed anything and dp still has to take his I.D in to start getting everything together???

really need some good advice or experience??

Orinoco Sun 29-May-05 21:56:38

Message withdrawn

peckarollover Sun 29-May-05 22:05:56

Cant estate agencys still get you on a "verbal agreement"

LGJ Sun 29-May-05 22:08:34

How did she know your house was about to be on the market ??

peckarollover Sun 29-May-05 22:13:12

EM - do you have msn?

Soupdragon Sun 29-May-05 22:17:18

The fact is that the estate agents have found you a buyer which is what you "employed" them to do.

Evesmama Sun 29-May-05 22:43:48

yeah i know, wouldnt mind paying something, just not all..for one phone call!

no hun im not on msn

peckarollover Sun 29-May-05 22:54:06

well you should be

LIZS Mon 30-May-05 11:27:46

You would probably still as you have asked them to act for you ? Also they can liaise between parties if needs be, so just because the offer is quick doesn't mean their work is all done yet.

Evesmama Mon 30-May-05 21:44:16

i know, im being presumptious..but 'if' she does offer..we havent signed a thing..dp hasnt provided his i.d and no matter how you look at it, thier fee is calculated including advertising on net, paper and in shop..sending out our house info..providing us with a board..etc..none of which has been done
'if' she does offer, i dont think its 'right' for them to charge us for the full amount, just because we have a nice house, which is why she 'may' offer?

starlover Mon 30-May-05 21:50:41

well why don't you talk to them and ask where you stand on the matter?

Evesmama Mon 30-May-05 21:55:33

im gunna have too..but am very nervous...all my self confidense went in the bin with the after birth!
but £1000k £1000k isnt it!

Evesmama Tue 31-May-05 09:33:11

forgot to cancel other valuer that was due this morning..just saw her pull up outside, quickly ran to window to close it and shut blinds!!!
me and dd sat still in pj's with dd's toys all over!!!!

felt like i was hiding from debt collectors!

Puppy Tue 31-May-05 18:59:07

pmps evesmama, i always hide when we get door to door sales people i run in to back of house with ds

Evesmama Tue 31-May-05 20:52:39

well dd was happily singing along to tweenies or something..i kept telling her to shush...when woman gave up, dd said sorry for shouting mammy

Evesmama Wed 01-Jun-05 15:41:58

am very
came home today expecting a phone call from Estate agents with info on veiwing on saturday..nothing..or even some more appointments to view ours??....nothing..even though we only put it on sale(nothing signed yet) friday, i was 'told' they had a large database of people wanting to buy in this area and would basically snapped up the way it looks!
so have just rang them to chase up feedback and ask about any new veiwings???...told they hadnt contacted lady from sat and as we hadnt signed the particulars yet, they could not put us on internet or send out full info, so as people mainly use internet site, this is why it's quiet!!!!!!
i asked them exactly what im paying them for and why then was i assured that their 'huge' database would be rang on friday immediatly to get the veiwings underway...erm....cough..splutter...she didnt know what to say..said i am already dissapointed with their service as even if we'd had no more viewings, i would have expected to have some lined up after the rubbish they told me about database

dp thinks that because they already have another house up 3 doors down and another round the corner which have been on for a while..they are pushing those first even though they know we've seen a house we want...just wanted to fume really

have arranged another valuation for monday if we get no more interest from current estate agents, am gunna tell em were to stick their astronomical fees!!!

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