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Playground/attraction for baby/toddler in Surbiton

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NicknameAlreadyTaken Mon 17-Aug-09 14:50:35

I'll be going to Surbiton this week for a job interview, but can't leave my DD anywhere on that day, so have to go with her and my DH. The plan is for me to go to the interview while my DH is taking DD for a walk somewhere nearby.
Have never been to that area, so no idea where to go.
Is there anyone who could let me know addresses of playareas or any other attractions (ponds where she could feed the ducks, even toyshops or big garden stores where she could stack/sort stuff on shelves wink) for a toddler of 18mo?


Gravitygirl Mon 17-Aug-09 20:35:05


I live in Central Surbiton, so can help you out there!
Along Balaclava Road there is a nice playground, although you could walk down along the Portsmouth Road and along the river to feed the ducks... that takes you down to Kingston ( its about a 15 min walk) there is a borders which has a big book area for toddlers with colouring in activities on occasionally, you will find more choice of shops ( big entertainer) but if you want to stick to Surbiton then you have the regular culprits of costa, starbucks etc... a couple of independant places , boots...there is not a whole lot else to be honest for little ones ( wish I could open something) apart form a bit of a play area/cafe in the ymca ( which is grim imo)

Heres hoping someone might be along with something I have not discovered

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