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We took DS to the circus last Saturday - it was fab! But why was the place more than half empty?

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MrsMerryHenry Mon 17-Aug-09 12:49:03

I found that really sad. We had been a few years earlier, with our goddaughter, in a diff city - and found the same thing. Do families just not 'do' the circus anymore?

justineandcarrieneedanewlawyer Mon 17-Aug-09 12:50:59

I think it's become less interesting since they stopped the cruelty to animals. grin

I AM JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrsMerryHenry Mon 17-Aug-09 12:53:47

grin even if it weren't you I'd still ROFL at that!

How are you doing up there? Was telling someone the other day about your Harlem exploits - they ROFLed at 'she ain't white, she's Scottish'!

justineandcarrieneedanewlawyer Mon 17-Aug-09 12:57:27

I'm good. Can't stop. Just wolfing down some lunch and heading back to work. Am loving living within walking distance of my work!

Iz it cos I iz scottish? grin

OrmIrian Mon 17-Aug-09 12:57:32

I find it a bit dull I'm afraid. I find myself clapping because they are doing clever stuff but not because it's entertaining iyswim. IME little children love it but they grow out of by about 9/10 yrs of age and I wouldn't go for my own sake! And then there's the price hmm.

My DC liked the horses best of all. We were invited behind the scenes to look at the horses after the show. They then charged us £1 per person hmm

CybilLiberty Mon 17-Aug-09 12:59:02

The last circus I went to was the Russian circus. The temperature in the big top was over 100, the tickets cost us a small fortune and the clowns can only be described as nightmarish. We havent been back since.

MrsMerryHenry Mon 17-Aug-09 13:10:47

£1 to see the horses!!! <<stunned into near-silence>>

It is a bit pricey, but then it's a 2-hour show. I also got a whopping 40% online discount. I agree that by age 9 (or younger) kids wouldn't be into it, although the adrenalin junkies riding the 'Wheel of Death' had everyone gasping in horror and delight when we went! <<still trembilng>>

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