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Damp problems?

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mamagaga Sun 16-Aug-09 16:46:33

Hi can anyone give me any advice please?
I have had really bad damp problems in my house since I moved there in 2008, I first started noticing that things standing on the bedroom floor were growing mould and told the landlord. He gave me a dehumidifier to take moisture out of the air but it didnt solve the problem, the mould started to grow black along the wall of the bedroom and clothes in drawers started to get mouldy along with other things left in the room. I then discovered that the drawers under the bed had grown thick green mould under them. The landlord then called a builder in who looked around but not once has anyone took up the carpet or the floorboards. I took up part of the carpet myself and found the underlay was soaking wet. I feel like maybe im being fobbed off as i think there is a more serious problem lurking under the floorboards which the landlord knows will cost him money to repair. i also believe that before i moved in the damp problem must have been noticed but they covered it up with new carpet and paint! The air blocks outisde were moved higher as they told me they were too low and were taking in rain water but everytime it rains the room still stinks of damp.
Now ive just discovered that my mattress is growing mould on it and I am having to sleep on the sofa as money is too tight to buy another one. My health is suffering as i have constant snuffles and chest pains and had to clean the mould off myself with chemicals and now feel ill.
Does anyone know if I can claim damages for the bed from my landlord or is this my responsibility? I dont know where I stand with the situation or who might be able to help me.

dweezle Sun 16-Aug-09 22:34:10

Mamagaga, try posting in legal section as there are some very wise people there who could help. Do you rent through an agency or direct from landlord? I would put concerns in writing either to landlord or agency, with copy to local council.

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