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Tax credits and the bank holiday

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nutcracker Fri 27-May-05 07:25:46

I usualy get mine on a tuesday so will I be getting them early do you think or not ?????

They haven't gone in today.

jessicasmummy Fri 27-May-05 07:32:11

ive posted this too - i always get mine on the friday before the bank holiday, and im a tuesday girl too.... today - nothing. I have £1.40 to last til tuesday now!

nutcracker Fri 27-May-05 07:41:48

Me too I am 40p away from going over my overdraft limit and being charged £25

fairydust Fri 27-May-05 08:06:59

no as tuesday is a normal day and not a bankhol

jessicasmummy Fri 27-May-05 08:07:56

but it has happened for every other bank holiday except this one!

fairydust Fri 27-May-05 08:11:37

maybe you we're lucky before.

normally places only pay early if your payemnt is due on the bank hol

elsmommy Fri 27-May-05 08:12:42

Mines gone in

jessicasmummy Fri 27-May-05 08:13:10

do u usually get yours on a tuesday?

elsmommy Fri 27-May-05 08:16:05

Yeah I do

jessicasmummy Fri 27-May-05 08:17:29

GRRRRR! Sorry i know its not your fault... im just so angry with them! I hate relying on tax credits, but its the end of the month! Luckily my dad has said that if it isnt in by 9am then to drive over to where he works (25 miles away) and he will lend me some money for the weekend.... bless his heart.

elsmommy Fri 27-May-05 08:24:10

Thats nice of him
Maybe some go in on Saturday

jessicasmummy Fri 27-May-05 08:25:34

Well, just spoken to tax credits people and they say mine will go in on tuesday.... why change their payment dates now?!

nutcracker Sat 28-May-05 08:49:08

Mine has gone in today.

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