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Dad's 50th Birthday today - what to get for gift? (bit complicated - sorry!)

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Cataline Sat 15-Aug-09 10:33:44

So, it's my Dad's 50th today and I haven't got him a gift yet blush

I'm normally fine at present buying and can come up with appropriate and thoughtful gifts for just about anyone but i'm struggling with this one.

I'm the daughter from a silly teenage fling and although i've also seen my dad regularly, we've never had a close relationship. I actually feel that our relationship is fairly non-existent at the moment. He shows no interest in my life - would never, ever pick up the phone to call me etc - leaves that to his wife who is really lovely. He is pretty much monosyllabic when talking to me although I know he's not like this with his other two daughters (who live with him as part of his real family)

So, anyway enough of the self - indulgent rambling....

It's his 50th today and I have no idea what to get him as a gift. DS (2) and I are going to their house for a party tonight (invited by stepmother!) and I need to get a gift today.

He has plenty of money, buys whatever he wants etc and as I don't really know him IYSWIM, I'm a bit clueless. My other issue is that, previously, whether i've spent £5 or £50 on a gift, gone for generic blokey present or thoughtful , personalised one, he's completely indifferent (to the point of ungratefulness) and i'm not sure he ever even says thank you.

I can feel myself getting worked up about this already which I know is utterly ridiculous hmm but i'm hoping someone will have a genius idea that may help me out wink

And redaing this back, the answer that's screaming out is to not buy him a gift at all but I simply can't do that sad

Cataline Sat 15-Aug-09 11:19:49

Anyone?? Eeek - i'm panicking now!

rubyslippers Sat 15-Aug-09 11:21:15

extrememely nice bottle of wine or whiskey

beautiful tree for his garden

a magazine subscription

runnyhabbit Sat 15-Aug-09 11:24:58

if you get on with your stepmother, why not have a quick chat with her?

Btw, I think present buying for dads is the same regardless of relationshipgrin Get on great with my dad, but still didn't know what to get for his 60th a few weeks ago.

Ended up buying him mp3 player (has a thing for gadgets) and was fully prepared for him to say thanks but no thanks (in a nice way) Completed stunned everyone by being over the moon with itgrin

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