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Wedding Vouchers - How much to give?

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ssd Thu 26-May-05 17:31:54

My really good friend is getting married and wants gift vouchers.

How much should I give? (our joint income is 15,000 so please don't say hundreds of £'sss cos we don't have it!)

Don't want to be mean and she knows our state of affairs, she's got everything (for the house) but she isn't greedy.

Just wondered others opinions.

jessicasmummy Thu 26-May-05 17:33:34

I would say £15-£20

If it was family i would say a little more, but she is a friend and knows your situation.

crunchie Thu 26-May-05 17:34:17

£20 ish

misdee Thu 26-May-05 17:35:07

i hate giving vouchers. it feels so wrong when people know exactly how much you give.

but i'd say about £10-20. what would you buy her if you werent giving vouchers? use that as a guide for amount of vouchers.

tealeaves Thu 26-May-05 17:35:14

£20 sounds fair to me, if she's your friend she'll be happy to have you there regardless.

ssd Thu 26-May-05 17:37:12

TBH I was thinking as much as £50, but again TBH I wouldn't have spent that much on a pressie cos I'm a great bargain hunter and I'd have tracked down something fabby at half price .

But a GV for £20 or £30 seems a bit mean to me - am I being daft?

ssd Thu 26-May-05 17:38:43

misdee I hate giving vouchers too, seems a bit cold hearted to me, but she works in retail and can get massive discounts so vouchers do make sense.

tealeaves Thu 26-May-05 17:39:31

why wedding vouchers? wedding presents are supposed to be with the invite to invite you if you want to, you shouldn't be expected there no list and could you not buy them a gift, much more personal.

ojsmum Thu 26-May-05 17:39:56

Having just got married myself, the general guideline for vouchers does seem to be to use the wedding list as a guide. Alternatively, some of my guests got the weeding list and bought items off it in a discount store. Your fried will think that whatever you buy is fine.

jessicasmummy Thu 26-May-05 17:40:23

I would say no more than £30 really.... I wouldnt spend over that on a present so dont see why it would make a difference with vouchers.

Its the thought that counts at the end of the day.... it was my brothers wedding last week and although we bought off his wedding list, we spent £75

dyzzidi Thu 26-May-05 17:42:37

How about a £20 voucher and then picking her up a Nice photoframe. These can be picked up for about a fiver and will be personal as well as what the bride has requested.

It will also mean that you give a reasonable amount and if people give more than you you have also got them a pressis IYKWIM

ssd Thu 26-May-05 17:48:25

A nice photo in a frame is a good idea - but what of? sorry I'm an awkward cow!

The only photos I ever have are of my kids - I haven't taken a photo of me and my mates since my wedding!!

Or maybe she'd like one of those!!

moschops Thu 26-May-05 17:50:42

some friends of ours got married last year and requested money or vouchers instead of presents. i put £20 in the card..........loads of people bought presents anyway and i felt awful until i spoke to them after the event and they were both annoyed that people had disrespected their wishes and bought them loads of stuff they didn't want/need.

tealeaves Thu 26-May-05 17:54:20

how ungrateful

ruthiemum Thu 26-May-05 18:27:14

When me and DH got married we asked for vouchers - we were moving in first house and didn't know what we wanted in there so vouchers seemed good. We weren't expected people to give much at all really, we were really chuffed when we got vouchers for £10 and really touched when people gave us £20 so I don't think you have to go over the top, if they are anything like us we were just grateful for what we did get.

ssd Fri 27-May-05 06:46:15

I'm sure they will be grateful, I just feel £30 would be a generous amount from us, but might seem tight by others and I don't want to apear mean.

I'd much rather just get them a present, to me it looks better than vouchers...but I'll respect their wishes.

moschops Fri 27-May-05 11:04:27

sorry pregnancy brain hit there..........i should point out that they already lived together and had everything they needed for the house, but were expecting a child.....they were asking for money to put toward essentials for the new arrival.

instead people bought them toasters/irons/towels none of which they had any use for and then people got offended when they got rid of them.

they made it well known they didn't expect presents off anyone but if people really felt the need then money/vouchers would be best.

flamesparrow Fri 27-May-05 11:10:43

As the person getting married, I am going to say what I would want... just think of however much you would have spent HAD you got a gift, and just give the same amount.

If you would have spent £5 then give £5 - I'm just so excited that everyone is coming to enjoy our day, I don't care how much they give. One friend has told me that she is giving me a lottery ticket... I like the theory of that - yes, I know how much it cost, and it could just end up being something we keep in the photo album if it doesn't win anything, but it could be a gift of £10 or upwards.

flamesparrow Fri 27-May-05 11:13:03

Moschops - I'm getting to the sounding ungrateful stage myself... people keep saying "are you sure we can't buy you "something"" - we have everything we need right now.... this money can go into savings so we can buy things as and when we need (trying for another baby now).

We will still love and remember everyone regardless of if they gave us anything or how much - and won't have the guilt of having to pass stuff on that we have no place to store.

koalabear Fri 27-May-05 11:46:09

ssd - if they have asked for a voucher, that is what i would buy them, and i would spend how much you would have spent on a present

i believe a wedding is about a public celebration of two peoples promises to each other, not about material possessions, and a good friend is not going to mind the monetary value of what is essentially wishes of good luck and support

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