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Question for Kiwis!

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SoupDragon Wed 14-May-03 08:55:38

Friends in Aukland have just had a baby and I want to send a gift. I've found what I want, you can have a different delivery address and it's free delivery within in NZ so no problems there.

What I want to know is whether there's an equivalent to Post Code in NZ and how I can find out what it is for this address. Preferably without asking the friends as that will spoil the surprise!

Any ideas?

SueW Wed 14-May-03 09:21:04

NZ postcode info


FWIW, I have never used a postcode, just given the company the address. I have been overwhelmed by the helpfulness of NZ comapnies who have responded well to my strange requests. E.g. Can I have an arrangement of flowers suitable for a blind person i.e. appealing visually for her family and by scent and touch for my SIL? Or a basket suitable for a child in hospital whose blind mother also has to stay with him. They have ixed popular swetts with balloons and nice biscuits and a selection of tea and coffee to a price limit I set.

Or companies that go out of their way to arrange gift vouchers or credit notes for my nephews even though they don't offer them as standard through their websites.

SueW Wed 14-May-03 09:21:43

Scuse typos!

Ghosty Wed 14-May-03 09:29:01

SueW you are such a star with you links ... I would never have known my own postcode if it hadn't been for you!!

Soupie ... I have been here about a year and have never needed my postcode ... it doesn't seem to be an important necessity in posting stuff. Mine is just a 4 digit number ... and is the same as all the streets in our suburb ... so it is not like the UK postcode that finds your very house.

If you are sending to a Rural District it is quite helpful to put in the RD number (RD means rural district ... derrrr!)

SoupDragon Wed 14-May-03 09:30:14

I knew someone could help I assumed that the website would be as unhelpful as UK ones where they insist on the post code.

But "1001"? Call that a post code??

SoupDragon Wed 14-May-03 09:32:56

Haven't a clue if it's a Rural District. It's in Auckland so I assume not.

These friends are actually coming home in a couple of months which is a shame as I quite fancied a trip out there.

SoupDragon Wed 14-May-03 09:56:56

I meant that "seeing as it has a town name in Auckland I assume not". Duh.

snowball Wed 14-May-03 10:50:03

Soupdragon, Just make sure you say 'where in Auckalnd i.e Devonport' otherwise it's a bit like say ' London'. I spent a year working in Auckland/N.Z. and never used a post code.


SoupDragon Wed 14-May-03 10:58:22

I've successfully ordered the gift (bright fleece blanket with a Kiwi on it and a small soft Kiwi to remind them of where the baby was born) and filled in all the correct address boxes (I think). well, all the right bits of the address are there in the right order, just maybe not in the right boxes!

I did say where in Auckland (Ponsonby - I LOVE that name!! Never fails to make me smile for some reason) and put in my newly discovered postal code so I'm feeling confident that it will arrive

Thanks everyone.

Ghosty Wed 14-May-03 11:14:09

Ooooer ... Ponsonby ... very posh! Apparently it used to be a hell hole and a place where very bad and dodgy people lived ...
Now it is a very good address ... Grammar School Zone Darling Schweetie ...
We can't afford to live there ... we live in South Auckland ... where all the bad and dodgy people live now

SoupDragon Wed 14-May-03 11:23:11

Oooooh! Clearly they'd not realised it had gone up market before they rented there than Either that or I've got the wrong address for them!

Ghosty Wed 14-May-03 11:26:20

Hey soupie ... have you heard from SB34 lately? I am a bit worried as I haven't seen her post since *the* party last weekend ... did she get home alright???

SoupDragon Wed 14-May-03 11:48:02

Yes, she got home fine. Well, fine if you ignore the detour via the police station but I'm sure the fireman thought it was very funny in the end. I mean what do you expect? He looked like the strippers at the party.

I think I spotted her on the tidying up thread.

Ghosty Wed 14-May-03 11:54:58

Thanks soupie ... I can sleep tonight now ... been worrying about her ... give her my love next time you speak to her!

sb34 Thu 15-May-03 10:02:04

Message withdrawn

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