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is it true vertbaudet?

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loulabelle222 Thu 26-May-05 10:44:33

when ordering online i normally order from jojomamanbebe as their products are lovely and i find them reliable.I tried to order from vertbaudet but there was countless problems. I would like to order from them again but i have heard bad things about them.. for example poor delivery and that. Do you think i should order? has anyone else encountered a lot of problems?

Flum Thu 26-May-05 10:46:01

I have ony found most of their clothes to be of a poor quality. The kids stuff just about ok. The adults clothes - always disapointing. they are cheap though i spose.

Toothache Thu 26-May-05 10:47:30

loulabelle222 - I tried to order stuff from them. It was my first order, they had been sending me incentives to order for months so finally though I'd go ahead.

Phoned up and was on hold for AGES! Then the woman couldn't understand English very well, then they she said delivery was a min of 15-17 days!!

I asked the woman if that was the best they could do as I wasn't impressed and probably wouldn't order anything again from them. She just simply said Yes. I hung up. AWFUL!!

Besides, you shouldn't be buying any of that French Designer crap!!

Bethron Thu 26-May-05 10:47:32

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Thu 26-May-05 10:48:14

i use vertbaudet and find them to be great. The delivery is ok, within 7 days where the product is in stock and an accurate delivery lead time if they aren't.

NomDePlume Thu 26-May-05 10:48:50

i only ever order online though, so no experience of their telesales network

Thomcat Thu 26-May-05 10:49:53

Never, ever had a problam with ordering from verbaudet.
I get a lot for Lottie from them.

loulabelle222 Thu 26-May-05 11:35:31

is the sizing smaller?

Gobbledigook Thu 26-May-05 11:38:13

I have just made an order actually! I've not had a single problem with them - my orders have gone through fine and I find the quality fine as well (particularly as it's fairly cheap). At the moment the boys have Today jeans and t-shirts which are great and I've just ordered a couple of Quicksilver t-shirts for ds1.

I always order on line.

Evesmama Thu 26-May-05 11:38:48

my dd had some lovely pj's as a pressy that were age 2 and she was far too big for them at about 18 months and she's not 'big'!

Nemo1977 Thu 26-May-05 11:40:44

i use them and have never had a fact always seem to end up with loads of

Marina Thu 26-May-05 11:43:15

I use them, have never had any problems with them, and if you check the catalogue carefully and stick to the higher priced clothes then the quality is excellent. Really refreshing to have brightly coloured, all-cotton clothes for both sexes. Order up a size in my experience.

lockets Thu 26-May-05 11:57:51

Message withdrawn

dinosaur Thu 26-May-05 12:00:44

I've been ordering stuff from them for about five years now. Generally the service has been excellent, and I find the clothes quite good quality - my DSs tend to wear holes in the knees of the trousers quite quickly, but that happens with all their trousers, not just the Vertbaudet ones.

But this spring I had to wait yonks for some of the things to arrive - although to be fair they did warn me that would be the case.

Have never had any problems with deliveries not arriving (unlike b*****y Next - grrrrrrr!).

dinosaur Thu 26-May-05 12:01:37

Agree with Marina about ordering a size up if you have a chunkier toddler/child. The sizes are fine for skinny malinkies like my DS1, but DS2 always needs a bigger size!

Gobbledigook Thu 26-May-05 12:02:11

Dino - yes, I've found deliveries taking longer for this catalogue but never before. However, they are honest about the time to delivery so that's fine by me - and sometimes things arrive earlier than they say anyway.

Gobbledigook Thu 26-May-05 12:02:52

Agree for sizes.

They are grat though - at the mo they have jeans with a drawstring waist which is fab for mine as they are skinny ones too!

TinyGang Thu 26-May-05 12:51:12

Not had any major problems with them, but I don't use them much because the length is not particularly generous on dresses and skirts now the children are older.

I do think their sizes are on the small side and I tend to order the next size up if I use them. My children are all very slim and quite tall. I tend to prefer girls dresses and skirts to be longer rather than shorter; but the French style often seems err on the short and even buying the next size up doesn't solve that.

I have had some very nice tops, trousers and Tshirts for the children in the past though and they have some lovely baby clothes. I tend to wait for the sales though or choose the mini price items

loulabelle222 Fri 27-May-05 10:00:42

they now have 40% off in their sale ....going to order i think!

Hausfrau Fri 27-May-05 10:11:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau Fri 27-May-05 10:11:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau Fri 27-May-05 10:12:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

otto Fri 27-May-05 10:51:49

One thing about the delivery that annoys me is that they refuse to deliver to my work address if I pay by credit card. I don't know why as all other mail order companies are happy to do it. Also still waiting for some t-shirts that I ordered in early April

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