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Calling all Bedfordshire Mumsnetters....

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Sallypuss Tue 11-Aug-09 08:48:06

We're thinking about upping sticks and moving to Oakley in Bedfordshire. Currently live in Essex (Harlow-y area)though neither of us from there and we don't have any ties to the area as family elsewhere and friends in different places. Reasons for moving are better quality of life in a village, better schools etc etc. DD is 9 months so don't have to worry about the schools issue for a while yet just being super-organised grin.

Are we mad? Oakley seems lovely but am I missing something? Does anyone have any experience of childcare availabilty in the area?

Would really value MN's collective opinion...

Sallypuss Tue 11-Aug-09 15:35:29

bumpety bump...

Sallypuss Wed 12-Aug-09 13:30:51

<<checks watch, fiddles with hair and tries to look nonchalent emoticon>>

MaybeAfterBreakfast Wed 12-Aug-09 13:44:26

I'm near Beds (but safely over the border in Herts grin) but have to confess I've never heard of Oakley. Which town is it nearest to?

The thing that springs to mind is that much of Beds has the middle school system (v. unpopular with many). Does that apply in Oakley? Would it bother you?

Other thing to look into is the East of England plan - plans to build 1000s of 'affordable housing' in lovely areas of countryside. Don't know if that would affect you either.

No idea about childcare. I do know a number of CMs and nannies in the Herts/Beds area who are struggling to find work at the moment though, so I can't see that being a problem.

Sallypuss Thu 13-Aug-09 22:12:52

Thanks maybe Oakley is about 5 miles north of Bedford. I know Bedford is no great shakes but the rural villages are lovely.

The middle school system would apply but I've been told they're considering changing it. What are the 'cons' of the middle school system? Sorry DD is only 9 months old and I haven't a clue.

We're already in the East of England and getting caught up in the 'plan'.

bumpybecky Thu 13-Aug-09 22:18:50

I'm in Beds, but never heard of Oakley.

I thought they'd now decided to change to two tier in Bedford Borough. Not sure if that's completely right though, I'm in the bottom left corner of Beds, about as far from Bedford as you can get before falling into Herts

Cons on the middle school system are that it's pants. Key stage 2 is split between lower and middle schools, KS 3 between middle and upper. It's all a muddle and makes things overcomplicated. Also means the children have to move schools more than they would otherwise, which can be very unsettling. I think it makes them grow up a bit too soon too. dd1 is going into y7, dd2 moving up to middle school into y5. In middle school they're treated pretty much as they would be in secondary school, but they start 2 years younger.

Plus points, well they get proper science labs and DT rooms etc 2 years earlier, but I'm not convinced it's that much of an advantage.

amizzymummy Thu 20-Aug-09 16:00:34

I know someone who lives in Oakley and i think it's a lovely village but there are much nicer areas in Bedfordshire imo

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