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I am in a bad mood and need to snap out of it

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hereidrawtheline Tue 11-Aug-09 08:43:02

I am really in a bad mood. I wont bother going in to the dull detail of my personal health but I am sick, I have had terrible migraine and have the flu not sure what variety but I feel like a steamroller has run over me.

I asked DH to stay home today so I could sleep all day as I feel like the walking dead. He couldnt which is fair enough I know he has a career too which is important etc. But I just wish I werent left to get on with it all the bloody time in physical circumstances other people would quiver at. Here I refer mainly to my excruciating migraines.

Anyway I woke up this morning and every single dish in the house is dirty and DH bless him clearly meant as a treat made me and DS jelly, its in the fridge looking lovely. But I really would have preferred the dishwasher loaded as now I have to do that. DS is winding me up not too bad just a little and I actually said to him this morning "I am your Mama not your slave" when he demanded a new breakfast. And I have to work tonight. People have offered to cover the shift for me but tbh its money I really need and anyway if I am fit enough to faff with a 3 year old and housework all day then I should be fit enough to work 4 hours tonight.

Clearly I am just pissy can you please snap me out of it so I can not be the woman from hell all day.

bradsmissus Tue 11-Aug-09 08:58:17

If it were me (and I sympathise about migraine - they are shit!).

I would rest as much as posible. If you are going to have to work tonight, running around tidying up all day will be too much.

Chuck on a DVD for DS. Snuggle up and have a snozze (if DS is old enough for you to snozze while he watches).

Washing up will always wait. Don't be hard on yourself.

Hope you feel better soon.

hereidrawtheline Tue 11-Aug-09 09:25:40

thanks. DS and I are having fun with scalextric at the moment which is nice. he just got his first set for his 3rd birthday and he is SO good at driving it. But if I dont load the dishwasher health and safety will be seriously compromised.

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