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'MyShoppingRewards' question

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99PlsAdvise Tue 11-Aug-09 00:35:49


I go through this site {well when i remember hehe} when i buy things. I ordered a 5 coats from Great Universal end of May. I ended up sending all the coats back beg of July as they were horrible hehe. Only thing is that my 'cashback' has cleared and is waiting for me to go over the £20 so it can post it to me.
I returned all the coats so the cashback should be reversed. My GtUnv accout has been credited so they have received them back.

What should i do??? Should i act as normal and continue to order things through the site but when the cheque comes out keep the cashback amount for GtUnv to oneside ready to give it back?? Its £17 c/b........

99PlsAdvise Tue 11-Aug-09 10:21:17


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