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Anyone moved house&country whilst 7mths pregnant???

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blossom2 Wed 25-May-05 09:54:16

to cut a long story short, we're moving back to the UK (for various reasons), however i am 6 months pregnant now and its all likely to happen really quickly ie round about the same time that baby is due.

Has anyone else moved house and/or country whilst pregnant?? how did you cope and were there any ill effects on the baby???

any advice would be great ...

LIZS Wed 25-May-05 10:05:32

We moved to CH when I was 6 months pregnant. dh was working in CH for the last month while I was in UK with ds and commuting back at weekends. It was not fun but it helped having the removal men doing the packing and my In laws helped me out too (for a change!). Had to do a lot of sorting out in a short space of time, then, to crown it all, ds got chicken pox ! It was a pretty stressful time anyway, as my parents were splitting up too, and I remember I finally took it out on a second hand car salesman who was dithering about picking up the car they were taking off us for peanuts - he deserved, it messing with a pregnant stressed woman !!

No problems with dd , although did have to do some running around to organise the ante and post natal care. She was't a big baby but neither had ds been so don't think stress of it affected her.

My advice would be to get organised and accept as much help as you can, althoguh there are some thigns only you would be able to do. We're also about to ship back home (2 months ish) and haven't done a thing yet ! Good luck !!

christie1 Wed 25-May-05 19:13:34

I moved house to another city at 7 months. The tricky part was arranging for medical care in that city which was stressful. I suggest you call ahead and know what is available for you for your delivery ie the details, where you go, what you need to have done to access the medical system in the uk again. That should be your priority and let the other details wait until after baby is here.

remember that you are very tired and let everyone and anyone help and if there is no help don't do it unless you absolutely have to.

handlemecarefully Wed 25-May-05 19:17:27

House yes, country no (when I was exactly 7 months pregnant). It was no biggie - afterall the removal men do all the heavy work

Good luck it'll be fine

moondog Wed 25-May-05 19:22:20

Oh yes!!! been there,got the t shirt!
Dh moved to Turkey to work when I was 6 months pg (had been working away for three years before that,leaving me at home in UK with dd where I worked f/t.) Came out to Turkey then to move into our new flat,buy stuff (we had to buy everything form a corkscrew to towels) and so on.

Returned to UK when 7 mths pg when we saw a house we wanted to buy after looking for nearly 2 years! Action stations then with me packing up our old place (alone,dh back in Turkey) dealing with all the paperwork and so on. Ds arrived a week early,dh returned for a couple of weeks (too late for the actual birth however) and then I moved house alone(!) when ds was 4 weeks and dd was 31/2.
Then I came out to Turkey to live when baby was 3 mths and since then have gone bac and forth.

Oh, and dh works about 65 hours a week and is doing an MSc as well.

We managed-no ill effects on any of us!
Bit knackered though...

PinkFluffPudding Wed 25-May-05 19:27:03

Moved house when preg with dd - we completed less than three weeks before i was due!

I'm pregnant again and it looks like we'll be moving two months before I'm due this time... however the house we're moving to will need loads and loads of work (I'm talking a serious renovation here) and we hope to get it habitable in time - and live at our parents' houses while the works being done!

Obviously it's worrying me but if it's right for you things will have a funny way of working out and you will muddle through. Sorry I'm not much help but best of luck anyway!

franke Wed 25-May-05 19:28:10

Agree with Christie1 - get your medical care sorted now. I moved to Germany at around 5/6 months pregnant. I had a scan at 22 weeks before I left the UK and owing to a couple of false starts while I figured out the system here didn't really get proper antenatal care sorted until about 36 weeks .

Also get professional removals people to do everything for you. Ours packed everything for us (including a tumble dryer full of wet clothes) and at the other end even made our bed for us.

And no, there was no stress on the baby as far as I can tell - he's a very robust, unphased little boy. Good luck

moondog Wed 25-May-05 19:28:30

Bloody hell...good luck pfp!

blossom2 Wed 25-May-05 19:29:39

Moondog, i thought i had it bad!!!

How have you coped with it all?? We have a toddler as well.

i'm just overwhelmed and dreading the whole thing. And being pregnant means i'm crying every 5 mins.

blossom2 Wed 25-May-05 19:33:45

Absolutely, good luck pfp.

we need to find somewhere to rent for 6 months - also need to decided where we're going to be living ....

moondog Wed 25-May-05 19:40:53

It was a bit much but I was sooooooo exhausted and desperate to leave our five story town house with no parking and one toilet thatI would happily have built my own house if it meant moving!
The worst bit was the removal guys insisting on a cup of tea and a biscuit! I told them I'd packed everything but they just told me to go next door to ask (which I did,like a fool!) Picture me walking back,baby in a sling,three mugs of boiling tea slopping in my hands....

Poor ds,feel I admired him for about 15 minutes after he was born, then got cracking on with life.
He's a tolerant little darling.

BadgerBadger Wed 25-May-05 22:47:35

We bought our home when I was 6 months pregnant and DD1 was 2 yrs 2m old.

We spent the next 3 months renovating and moved when I was 9 months and 2 days pregnant (because this was the day following the completion of the central heating installation)!

Went on to have a fabulous planned (as far as could be) homebirth 36 hours after the move .

My tip would have to be to prepare your birth plan, birth bag and any arrangements (as far as is possible!) for your toddler, well ahead of time . I found it comforting to know that even if everything else was up in the air, I was at least prepared in that sense.

Monstersmum Wed 25-May-05 22:55:30

ooh yes!

DS conceived through IVF carried out in Bangkok while living in Vietnam so flew up and down for that.

Then at 6 months left Vietnam - DH went to Bulgaria and I went to Dublin to have DS. DH obviously came to Dublin for birth. He stayed for 2 weeks then back to Bulgaria. When DS was 7 weeks I moved to Bulgarie with him. into services apartment while house-hunting. Moved into house when DS was 3 months. Moved again while DS was 2. Then when DS was 3 moved country again.

Make things as easy on yourself as possible. Get med care sorted ASAP. Sort yourself to have as much help as poss after birth. Try to contact someone with a baby living where you are moving to. I was lucky and DH's secreaty had an 8 month old so was brilliant at sourcing stuff. I tried breast feeding but it didn't work so had to decide on a formula that was available in Bulgaria - DH's sec brilliant then - she researched every formula available!! Then when I arrived she took me shopping for baby stuff.

When you get to destination - join a baby group = they ere my lifeline for a year.

Good luck


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