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Good Luck, Liverpool!!!

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imation Wed 25-May-05 08:23:02

can't wait till evening

fastasleep Wed 25-May-05 08:44:01

It's gonna be mad here, will be hearing the whole street go crazy lol!

edodgy Wed 25-May-05 08:46:46

Im excited already there's already flags all down my road. Come on you reds!!!!

FatDad Wed 25-May-05 16:42:41

May not be a Liverpool fan but at this point i'm giving up doubting. Won't get to the knockout stage, wont beat Juventus, wont get past Chelsea. I think I'm just gonna give up and wish them luck.

imation Wed 25-May-05 21:07:33

oh my god!!! to come back like that in 15 min....

sansouci Wed 25-May-05 21:08:36

Not especially a Liverpool fan but look at them go!

MarsLady Wed 25-May-05 21:10:23

so far that's 3 threads for this match ROFL

Titania Wed 25-May-05 21:40:20

hey how did i miss this one!!!! come on lads!!!!

champs Wed 25-May-05 22:37:24

Yull never walk alone........................

fastasleep Thu 26-May-05 16:57:43

I'm now wondering if DH will ever get home from work with the parade and all that going on in the centre!! I hope he doesn't get trampled lol what a great game though, I'm definately not a fan of football but that second half was decent viewing!

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