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chip biff and kipper and floppy

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edgarcat Mon 12-May-03 19:26:01

Message withdrawn

bubbly Mon 12-May-03 19:31:14

the truth.....

Gilli Mon 12-May-03 19:38:38

I don't know, but I was always pathetically grateful that Mum Got Cross, as I always hoped it would show my little darlings that I wasn't the only one.....!

XAusted Mon 12-May-03 20:15:21

I love these books! Bizzare names for the kids though. We have those "Oh no, said Mum" frequently in our house. I would like a magic key to take me on adventures. Where can I get one?

tamum Mon 12-May-03 20:16:55

Completely agree about their names- I can never remember which ones are female and which are male. Wasn't like that in my day- you knew where you were with Peter and Jane :0

XAusted Mon 12-May-03 20:27:32

Don't forget Pat the Dog.

XAusted Mon 12-May-03 20:28:09

I haven't noticed Kipper eating grapes while his mum's shopping.

janh Mon 12-May-03 21:19:31

Haven't noticed his mum shopping, She must use the internet.

Britabroad Mon 12-May-03 22:19:29

What about the lost glasses everywhere! What's that about?
I love these books.

suedonim Tue 13-May-03 04:27:11

Compared to the execrable 'Roger Red Hat, Billy Blue Hat and Jonny & Jennifer Yellow Hat' books, these books are fantastic, the veritable Tolkien of reading schemes! But I get the names muddled up, too, and what about that school caretaker?? Is he creepy or is he creepy??

Tigger2 Tue 13-May-03 10:53:27

Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy the Dog, Wilf, and wilma, and then we move onto the Magic Key a while after they have moved into the new house and found the secret room. I'M ON TO MY SECOND ROUND OF THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!. Must admit my 2 love these books although eldest is now onto level 11 of the Oxford Reading Tree, it seem like no time since I was reading Come In with her.

The glasses has to do with the author, can't remember what it is about though.

edgarcat Tue 13-May-03 10:58:16

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Tue 13-May-03 10:59:15

Message withdrawn

Britabroad Wed 14-May-03 09:08:26

If you look at Stage 2 books (don't know about the rest) there is often a pair of glasses 4
on the ground;
Wobbly Tooth pg 10
THe Chase front cover
Biff's aeroplane pg 12
Floppy's bath pg4
Floppy the hero front cover
Kipper's laces pg 6

Does this happen in the other Stages?

edgarcat Wed 14-May-03 10:04:02

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Wed 14-May-03 10:09:53

Message withdrawn

Finbar Wed 14-May-03 13:06:41

Yep - of course I spotted the pervy neighbour....And it seems now they've moved house there may be another one. I think we should be told!

Nutjob Wed 14-May-03 13:34:41

Can't wait to discover all these things, ds started school last September and is using the Oxford Reading Tree books, so far it just been books like 'Floppy, Floppy', can't wait to discover the pervy neighbour!!!

joben Wed 14-May-03 14:45:58

I think the point about the names is that are non cultural therefore accesible to more children.It's the same reason children's autor's use animals to tell stories so children don't feel excluded IYSWIM. By the way have you noticed that in the Oxford Reading Tree books there is often a bearded man looking over the fence/walking his dog etc. This is the author (Roderick Hunt?) doing a bit of a Alfred Hitchcock!

edgarcat Wed 14-May-03 15:06:08

Message withdrawn

batey Wed 14-May-03 15:33:24

Joben, what about Nadim, Aneena and Hamid though...?

Copper Wed 14-May-03 17:26:50

As a sad habitue of the Oxford Reading Tree web site, I can reveal ...

The glasses and the man who crops up in each book are the illustrators joke. (He looks like that ...).

The names are supposed to be based on mispronunciations, eg Biff for Beth, Kipper for Christopher (although I have never actually read the book where this allegedly becomes clear).

All time favourite books: Floppy the Hero and Superdog, which has a fantastic drawing of a cringing poodle about to be attacked by big rough street dogs - what does it say about me that I love this picture?

edgarcat Wed 14-May-03 18:21:14

Message withdrawn

alibubbles Wed 14-May-03 18:34:31

I have a very large picture drawn by Alex Brychta who illustrates the Oxford Reading Tree - he came to our childrens book club and gave a brilliant talk. He asked the children what they wanted to see in the next story, the children just shouted out things and he drew them , like 'electric eel', it is an eel with a three pin plug attached and so on! It features all the children and is fascinating to look at. We auctionned them off as as he was my son's hero and turned him onto reading so I bought one, my son (15) still has it hanging in his bedroom as it reminds him of very happy days at his (state) primary.

Alex Brychta also came to our school during book week and did the same, lots of talks and illustrations on A1 size paper, which we framed and hung in the school.

The point being, A B is very datark haired with shaggy hair and a beard and glasses! he says he is always in his books soemwhere.

edgarcat Wed 14-May-03 19:08:24

Message withdrawn

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