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help cleaned dh lcd screen with damp cloth

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marmar Tue 24-May-05 19:09:29

doing a bit of spring cleaning and i whiped dh lcd screen with damp cloth and its left horrible marks tried dry cloth but carnt seem to get rid of marks he's due in from work soon and dont fancy a night of moaning

LGJ Tue 24-May-05 19:10:51

Deny all knowledge

Seriously are we talking about a monitor ??

hunkermunker Tue 24-May-05 19:11:26

DH says it depends how hard you pressed (if really hard, that would've knackered it, in his words). If it's just water marks, then you can get a spray foam cleanser that will make it look brand new.

Tessiebear Tue 24-May-05 19:12:27

do sympathise - cant help though. Our Monitor is filthy but dare not clean it for fear of this

marmar Tue 24-May-05 19:15:44

yes a monitor but didnt press on to hard where do you get that foam cleaner from as i think a mad dash out to the shops is needed

hunkermunker Tue 24-May-05 19:19:01

A computer shop should have something good. Not sure of the exact product.

marmar Tue 24-May-05 19:26:54

thank ladys

going out know to try and find some first stop pc world keep your fingers crossed and coming to think of it your toes to

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