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What are your must-see films? Please help with our DVD rental list.....

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MadreInglese Tue 04-Aug-09 14:03:00

We've been doing lovefilm for a while now as we don't watch much telly but we've exhausted all the new releases so thought about renting some oldies - we're looking for recommendations.

What fab films should we add and why?

(excluding slash-fest massacre horrors, jackie chan type kung fu crap and overly slushy chick flicks please grin)

EyeballsintheSky Tue 04-Aug-09 14:05:23

To Sir, with Love. Sidney Poitier as beautifully educated teacher in rough arsed East End school in late '60's. Manages to tame delinquent kids and they all end up loving him. My favourite film ever.

Iklboo Tue 04-Aug-09 14:09:58

In The Heat of The Night - another brilliant Sidney Poitier film
The Straight Story - v gentle film about an old guy travelling across USA on a tractor to visit his dying brother
To Kill a Mockingbird
Brighton Rock - Dickie Attenborough brilliance
Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell - Peter O'Toole stage play filmed live. Excellent
Any Kenny Branagh Shakespeare - especially Hamlet, just for luvvie fest
As Good As It Gets

EyeballsintheSky Tue 04-Aug-09 14:12:55

In fact, Look Who's Coming to Dinner is pretty good as well. Sidney P and Ronnie Barker Spencer Tracy fight over their daughter's choice of fiance.

forkhandles Tue 04-Aug-09 14:13:36

The Ususal Suspects
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
The Killing Fields

forkhandles Tue 04-Aug-09 14:16:10

The Long Good Friday

MadreInglese Tue 04-Aug-09 14:16:55

These sound great

We have got As Good As It Gets, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (amazing film!) and The Usual Suspects, but will add all the others

stubbyfingers Tue 04-Aug-09 14:19:00

to kill a mocking bird
the deer hunter
that film with you know...thingy, with the hair...

stubbyfingers Tue 04-Aug-09 14:20:05

oh! Dangerous Liaisons smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 04-Aug-09 14:21:11

Dead Man's Shoes - an amazing film. The language is a bit rum and the cinematography is a bit rough and ready to create the atmosphere, but I could watch this film again and again.

The Deer Hunter - a film that I couldn't watch again because it upset me, but I'm glad I watched it.

MadreInglese Tue 04-Aug-09 14:21:13

got Dangerous Liaisons already

(we have the bizarrest eclectic DVD collection)

Iklboo Tue 04-Aug-09 14:22:26

Are Cat on A Hot Tin Roof and Streetcare Named Desire on the lovefilm list? Oldies but goodies

MadreInglese Tue 04-Aug-09 14:26:01

I'm sure they will be, there's allsorts on there

My mind just goes blank when I go to add some films, and trawling through everything is a bit of a trauma

Thanks loads for these suggestions (keep them coming please if you have more!)

muggglewump Tue 04-Aug-09 14:29:48

Life is Beautiful.
Full Metal Jacket.
Vera Drake.
Sophie's Choice.

EyeballsintheSky Tue 04-Aug-09 14:34:12

Yes, Vera Drake, and if you don't mind a bit of dark and dingy 1950's London then 10 Rillington Place is also good, about the Christie murders but is not grisly, except I wouldn't have fancied being Judy Geeson with a gas mask over her face and Richard Attenborough looming over her but that's as grisly as it gets

AstronomyDomine Tue 04-Aug-09 14:35:52

A Beautiful Mind
Midnight Express
Goodbye Mr. Chips (the 1939 original if you don't mind wink)

notwavingjustironing Tue 04-Aug-09 14:37:11

Three Colours Red (also Three Colours Blue and Three Colours White)

It's a trilogy, innit.

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