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We CAN Afford THE HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Evesmama Tue 24-May-05 16:00:52

IFA rang this morning and told us we CAN get the amount we need for our beautiful dream house

aboviously need to go more indepth with him about finances etc...but monthly amount and rate is fab considering

been up to my arms in magnolia paint all day..totally neautralising the get ready to put up for sale!
got valuations on friday!
we're gonna work out tonight how much we can accept to get out and make sure we get new house

rang estate agents(told them yesterday we could offer 20k less), to ask where that was going...girl told me, other girl dealing with it was off but rang sellers and told them about offer, and now has to ring developer of their new house about what offer would be acceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any one wanna buy my house??????????????????????????????

starlover Tue 24-May-05 16:02:14

oh that's fantastic news!!!!! hurrah!
i hope it all goes smoothly

Evesmama Tue 24-May-05 16:04:24


just gotta move quick with this one and hope sellers of new one and builder of theres is understanding!!!!!

cupcakes Tue 24-May-05 16:13:35

Oh, that's really good news! I'm so pleased for you! Fingers crossed it all goes well.

Evesmama Tue 24-May-05 16:15:20


i keep looking at the print out of the house and gunna be soooo dissapointed if we lose it now after all this

thats why we're gunna work out how much we can accept to be able to leave this and get a quick sale!

Evesmama Wed 25-May-05 16:38:35

just to update(yeah i know your not interested, but i need to tell sopme one!

found out the house was actually part ex'd by new build company and after speaking to previous owner, E.A are waiting for a call back from Builder with reg to how much they will accept!!!

got valuations coming to sell and QUICK!

Fio2 Wed 25-May-05 16:41:56

well done evesmama

almostanangel Wed 25-May-05 16:49:18

lol where do you live? how much for? and can you r fa get us a mortgage

Evesmama Wed 25-May-05 20:57:43

middlesbrough..£90k..(£85 to you) and i highly suspect he couldhe's a marvel...he'd hunt em down and make em loan you the money!

poppyh Wed 25-May-05 21:05:34

Good Luck.
Weve just put our house on the market mainly cos weve seen our dream house.Hope someone buys our house so I can get my 4 bedroom,big garden in Kent!!!
Heres wishing you (and me!!) all the luck in the world!

assumedname Wed 25-May-05 21:07:40

Brilliant news!

Good luck with your sale.

Hulababy Wed 25-May-05 21:14:33

Good luck; hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Evesmama Wed 25-May-05 21:17:55

thanks girls

good luck to you poppyH

still waiting to hear what builder has said..but trying to keep optimistic...will be one hell of a kick in the stomoach if we cant get it

PinkFluffPudding Wed 25-May-05 21:23:14

Best of luck Evesmama and congrats I really hope you get your house... I'm in the same position as you - hoping to move to our dream house this summer... just got an good offer this evening on our current house and it was on the market for less than 3 weeks!

Nailbiting stuff innit?

Evesmama Wed 25-May-05 21:34:57

oooh thats great PinkFluffPudding!!!are they holding you dream house for you?

and in less than 3 weeks!!!!

house round corner went in about 2 weeks..same size as ours but we have more done to ours(porch,upvc windows etc) am hopeful!

Evesmama Wed 25-May-05 21:35:20

p.s......LOVE YOUR NAME!!!

Orinoco Wed 25-May-05 22:46:25

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Thu 26-May-05 08:16:48

thinks orinoco

i wouldnt have managed it without your help and the others

dont know who it is with at minute as i was too exited to find out we could get it and what the payments where

am ringing advisor todayy to ask him and check about fee's and any early redemption penalties etc!!

valuers coming tomorrow, will have it up hopefully same day/or maybe have to be tuesday with it being bank hol???

just killing myself waiting to hear back from builder/estate agent about our new beautiful house now(that is, hoping it IS OUR new beautiful house!)

Puppy Fri 27-May-05 10:26:53

So pleased for you evesmama, will keep everything i have crossed for you so that it goes well

Puppy Fri 27-May-05 10:34:06

Just read your other thread
Hope you get things sorted, will keep fingers crossed

Evesmama Fri 27-May-05 13:36:27

thanks puppy

getting our valued in 20 mins...

almostanangel Fri 27-May-05 20:55:59

good luck!!

Evesmama Sat 28-May-05 22:39:17

thanks hun

wheresmyfroggy Sat 28-May-05 23:06:51

Good luck, hope you sell yours soon

Evesmama Sat 28-May-05 23:10:12

got another thread going
something about valuer due soon and still sat here...updated version

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