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Calling Eidsvold!

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hannahsaunt Tue 24-May-05 14:37:58

Hi - hope you don't mind but I need some help with our move to Queensland (assuming I don't drown in the paperwork required!).

I'm trying to work out how much we can afford to pay as weekly rental (which will then determine how many bedrooms etc). Are there factors such as council tax/rates equivalents and if so is there a ballpark figure for factoring in? What are average utility costs? I assuming that we won't need heating in north Queensland but I guess the a/c might eat up the electricity!


hannahsaunt Tue 24-May-05 14:40:22

Just thought of more things - we need to buy at least one car when we arrive - is there a road tax equivalent?

hannahsaunt Thu 26-May-05 14:17:22

Bump for Queensland mums

janinlondon Thu 26-May-05 15:00:12

See here for registration fees:

janinlondon Thu 26-May-05 15:07:27

Don't know where in Queensland you are moving to? This is the Brisbane City Council guidance on "rates" - which is like council tax but usually includes water and sewerage I think.

eidsvold Sat 28-May-05 10:55:14

hannah - sorry been on holiday. If you are renting then usually your landlord pays your rates ( council tax) the only thing you may need to pay with regard to this is if you use more than your water allowance ( very generous). It can vary from council to council depending on what part of the state you are moving too.

you usually pay utilities - gas9 if present), electricity and phone. A lot of older houses up north are made for the climate. Depending on your air con - obviously newer ones are more efficient. There has been a big move to install air con even in lots of houses in Brisbane - we don't have it - only ceiling fans and a cool living space under our house. Of course if you lived near the coast - lovely afternoon sea breezes are fab.

I have lived in Rocky and Mackay and neither place had air con - survived.

We pay about $60 a month for power, gas is $34 per cyliner - only have gas stove so a cylinder lasts us about 6 months

For a car - you will need the insurance - anything from full comprehensive to third party fire and theft. You will pay registration fees - depending on the engine size. This website should help with that - we pay ours every six months.


Hope that helps - feel free to CAT me if you need further info and I will see what I can find out.

eidsvold Mon 30-May-05 11:24:15


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