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Anyone not got a tv?

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hercules1 Fri 31-Jul-09 10:50:29

Finally got dh to agree to no more tv in the house. Day 1 and it's great. Not sure if ds (13) and dd (5) feel that way yet though...

So tell me those who have no tv what are the positives of living without the box?

admylin Fri 31-Jul-09 10:57:52

we don't have one at the moment so we read alot, dc draw and read more and we go to bed earlier! You will need to stock up on good books!

randomtask Fri 31-Jul-09 11:00:19

I didn't have one until I was 10/11. I was reading Agatha Christie novels aged 9 and started secondary school with a reading age of 16 and a spelling age of 15. I left with a lot lower as I'd got into Neighbours....

Also, we played lots of card games, talked a lot more and had fun in the garden!

TheWolf Fri 31-Jul-09 11:09:03

We don't have one at the minute but do watch some Cbeebies/DVDs on the PC when I need some peace and quiet to get on with something/dd is ill (dd is 2).

We spend more time interacting - TV is very anti-social really isn't it?! DD spends more time actively running round, drawing, asking to do the dreaded crafty bits(!) and she's easier to get into bed.

hercules1 Fri 31-Jul-09 11:16:26

Dd is really into her reading at the moment and we go to the library a lot. I love reading.

We also kept those cd stories from the library and will get some more.

hercules1 Fri 31-Jul-09 11:16:54

Even dh is reading a book now and he's only read 2 fiction ones in the last 15 years.

hercules1 Fri 31-Jul-09 21:29:51


georgimama Fri 31-Jul-09 21:35:09

Um, minus points for me because there is a TV in the playroom but nowhere else in the house. My son won't do worthy craft activities unless Bob the Builder is on the background!

I hate grown up TV, especially Saturday night prime time - if I never saw Tess Daly/Ant and Dec/Holly whatsherface again, gurning at the populace, it would be too soon.

hercules1 Sat 01-Aug-09 09:57:55

Thanks for replies so far. Is there anyone else who doesnt have one?

(I need to know I am now subjecting my children to a life of misery- if others do it it must be okay!)

ilovegreenbeans Sat 01-Aug-09 22:16:46

we don't have one, but dd is still little (16m). However, I find:
-save money with no tv license to pay
-more space in yout house
-no ugly tvs or tv cabinets
-time to read the paper properly
-use the library for lots of books

We do use iplayer sometimes, and dvds for dd (maybe 15min/day). I don't miss it at all.

georgimama Sun 02-Aug-09 09:50:17

We didn't have one at all for a long time, but that was pre-DC.

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