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Taking kids age 5 and 3 (almost 4) to a festival - a good idea?

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joshandjamie Fri 31-Jul-09 09:50:55

Hi all

Haven't been on MN for a while and not sure what category this should go under. I really want to go to the Rewind Festival in Henley in a couple of weeks time but would need to take our children as we don't have anyone to watch them. But I've never been to a festival and have no idea whether taking young kids is an utter nightmare or not.

Can anyone advise on what you do with children at festivals? They say there's a kids tent but I don't think you can leave them there. What about if you camp? My kids will probably collapse from sheer exhaustion well before the programme ends - do you just go to be early?

Anyone going to the festival?

badmammajamma Fri 31-Jul-09 23:25:52

Thats a difficult age. Used to take my girl to festies when she was under 3. She would sleep in the buggy and I could stay out later. Now 5 I would try to make other arrangments as she would just get too tired and grumpy.
Unless you go in a group and take turns to babysit. in daytime festies are great for kids tho, even the grownups act like kids so no wonder they love it. Gonna take her again when shes 9 or ten. Guess it depends on the atmosphere, what type of fun you want to have and how dissapointed you will be if you miss certain perfomances etc.
Be warned, they will wake up really early and want you to take them to the loo.
Go with a relaxed attitude, a 3 wheeled buggy and hand sanitizer.
My mum took me & bro to loads as kids and I have so many great memories tho she would prob have preferred to be watching the bands not watching us watch coco the clown!
Have fun and dont worry

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