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Bit dull I know but any advice on whether to get a VW Touran or a Ford Galaxy ?

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Thelongroadhome Thu 30-Jul-09 19:54:21

Had an earlier post about whether to buy an orange car or not but still indecisive about lots of things. Have narrowed it down to tastefully coloured Touran or orange Galaxy (or waiting for better colour but few around).
Anyway, cant decide whether a Galaxy will be too big to drive around town easily and feel a bit like driving a van. Also the boot isnt that much bigger than the Touran so although people might be comfier in it we wont actually gain that much space.

But, worried the Touran will be nice, as cool as an MPV can be, but too small. Have 3 boys and as they and their friends go thinking it might be a squash. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

penona Thu 30-Jul-09 22:51:13

Have never driven a galaxy, but do have a Touran. Last week we had 4 adults and 2 children (in car seats) and even the adult in the boot remarked how comfy it was! PLus we had travel cots and other stuff in the boot space (which is tiny with the seats in the back up). I love my Touran so I am biased!

StinkyFart Thu 30-Jul-09 23:04:26

galaxy is v roomy but little bootspace, we use the top box if any luggage required

mine is a 2.3 turbo looney auto


Thelongroadhome Fri 31-Jul-09 00:42:14

Thanks for that - it does help. I think I'm just indecisive! People with Tourans do seem to love their Tourans but I think you get VW people in a way that you dont get Ford people if that makes sense.

Deeeja Fri 31-Jul-09 00:48:52

ooh, should be getting a galaxy next week, am worried about the size, but think I will get used to it. I will have four dc in September though, not all in one go you understand but 4th due in September, so need the space for carseats. Getting 2.0 td auto.

HarrietSchulenberg Fri 31-Jul-09 00:58:07

Have an old (T reg) Galaxy and love it - best car I've ever had. Boot space isn't big with the very back seats up, but if you're only using 5 seats you can leave the back 2 down and the boot is massive. My 3 boys fit in just fine, including the vast amount of stuff that accompanies us everyhwere.
Drives fantastically too, and can park it on a hapenny (well, almost), so don't worry about the size.

kitkatqueen Fri 31-Jul-09 00:59:24

Hiya, um were you aware that the galaxy was just a rebranded VW sharan? I used to work for VW I drove all of the vw's at the time inc the touran and the sharans. I now own a Ford Galaxy. It does depend on which exact model you are looking at, but as someone who worked for VW. I am far happier with my Galaxy than I would be a vw. I drive my galaxy everywhere and it is way nippier than the equivilent sharans year for year diff engines. I have 3.9 kids ( please let this baby turn up soon I'm getting kicked to bits!) and if my galaxy breaks I will buy another one tomorrow, thats how impressed I am with it.

HarrietSchulenberg Fri 31-Jul-09 01:06:26

Galaxy and Seat Alhambra are indeed more cost effective versions of the Sharan. Sharan is a higher insurance group, though, and is still the same style as a mark 1 Galaxy or Alhambra. Galaxy is now up to, I think, mark 3. Not sure about Alhambra, but I hear they have better interiors than the Galaxy (i.e. more pockets and hidey-holes to fill with Stuff).

kitkatqueen Fri 31-Jul-09 01:08:12

Hi Deeeja my fave trick with my galaxy is to remove the 7th seat and put the pram/ buggy in without bothering to fold it grin Mine has only a lap belt on the middle seat in the middle row, but britax do several seats which will safely fit on a lap belt depending on the age of your children. Mine are 5, 3 and 1.5 so I have the 1.5 yr old on an integral harness forward facing seat with full side impact protection in the middle seat and I can reach him from the drivers seat. Very handy.

Don't worry about the size it'll be fine.

Thelongroadhome Fri 31-Jul-09 01:42:11

I'm planning to buy the new model Galaxy (if I decide on it) and I think it is nicer looking than the old one - looks more modern anyway. The other great thing is that all the seats fold down flat so you dont need to bother about removing them which adds to the whole flexibility. The problem is that I'm not a great driver and tend to bash everything so I'm worried that if this is much bigger I am even more likely to bash things!

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