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G3 Mobile mast protest - have you got any tips?

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pupuce Mon 23-May-05 17:39:46

I found out today (and so did our Head) that DS's school will probably have a mast within 250 yards of the gates.
The council won BUT O2 is appealing and the inspector will decide.... he may agree with O2.
Today (which is the 1st I heard of it and I live 300 yards away!) we had 30 mums and kids protesting in front of the site when the inspector came to see the site.
The local paper was there but the BBC is on strike!
The head was really angry as she knew of a previous planning application but not this one. She told the inspector. She will call the council tomorrow.

Any thoughts on what else we can do... apparantly "health and kids" is not a reason to refuse planning application!

pupuce Mon 23-May-05 20:13:17


paolosgirl Mon 23-May-05 20:20:38

We've got something similar going on here - it's not outside a school, thankfully, but it is only a few metres from houses.
We're fighting it here - a couple of companies have applied for the same site over the last few years, and it's been rejected twice now, but the b*stards are appealing. We're going for media coverage, and the local councillor is involved in the fight. Why don't you invite them along to the school to meet the parents to address their concerns? They'll probably not show - something else you could use against them. The awful thing is that these companies have the right to do this, and the Council is powerless to stop it. Oh - just remembered - we're asking them to mast share with others, as their industry watchdog recommends this. Have you any other masts in the area that they could share with? Good luck. This arrogance from these companies MUST stop.

WideWebWitch Mon 23-May-05 20:27:10

recent thread Good luck Pupuce. If it's O2, you'll find a terrifying article about it buried in this thread, I posted a link to The Ecologist I think O2 are sneaky and will ahve tried to get this one in under the radar.

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