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new cooker needed - gas or electric?

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bbfluff Tue 28-Jul-09 20:13:07

Or dual fuel?

I have used both, when i had a dual fuel with an electric an oven my cakes were moist and fluffy and absolutely delicious, on the gas one I am using now they are not, but is that just because this gas cooker is so useless?

It is a new old cooker! ie i haven't had it long but it is very old so maybe that is why the cakes aren't so good (also takes at least 100 minutes for stuff that should take 30!)

But have heard electric ovens are better for baking, then looked up online last night and it says that gas keeps things moister and it is the moistness that is the most important factor for me!

Thanks in advance

jkklpu Tue 28-Jul-09 20:14:28

gas hob and electric oven, no question

wotzy Tue 28-Jul-09 20:15:26

As jkklpu suggest, I think that's best

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