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Avoid Bambino Direct -

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johncrossy Tue 28-Jul-09 14:39:37

Bambino Direct

I advise everyone to AVOID BAMBINO DIRECT - have just spoken to the person who's been brought in to sort out their issues, only to be informed by her that it was her fault my order has been messed up.

I was in the market for a new pushchair and car seat as we had to return our previous one to another shop as it was faulty. Shopping around I found Bambino Direct to be the most competitive on price, but decided to check the forums for other people's experiences of them.

Due to the less than positive feedback, I decided I'd call them direct, as opposed to order online, to see if they can meet my requirements. I told them I needed the pushchair to be delivered the next day as our 5 week old baby was without one and that all the time we do not have one, we're stuck in the house. I was assured that it would be sent that day and be with me the following day, so I was satisfied and decided to make my purchase.

It's now the day of delivery and no sign of my pushchair... I've just spoken to them and have been told that it wasn't sent yesterday, but instead will go today and be with me tomorrow. This is obviously very frustrating as I've had to stay home from work today to await delivery and am also unable to take my baby out for yet another day.

I asked how they were going to compensate me for this inconvenience and was told they can't give me a cash amount or vouchers, but instead they would send me a 'gift.' Obviously a 'gift' is a very broad term, so when I pushed further I was told I could choose from a comb set, or a plate and cutlery set - neither of which come close to the amount I've been put out - two days off work to await delivery and two days unable to take my baby out when I'd been informed otherwise!

Needless to say, I turned down the 'gift' and have instead decided to warn anyone else to avoid them!

llareggub Tue 28-Jul-09 14:41:58


diedandgonetodevon Tue 28-Jul-09 14:44:45

I don't think one missed delivery is a good reason to blacklist a company.

clayre Tue 28-Jul-09 14:45:40

you are back at work 5 weeks after having a baby?

llareggub Tue 28-Jul-09 14:46:13

Absolutely. I think you have extremely high expectations.

dilemma456 Wed 29-Jul-09 12:30:34

Message withdrawn

preggersplayspop Wed 29-Jul-09 12:36:59

Maybe you should complain to the other shop who sold you a faulty pushchair? Could they not have given you a replacement there and then then you wouldn't have had to go to Bambino.

moondog Wed 29-Jul-09 12:40:08

I spent hundreds at Bambino Direct and they were absolutely great. Highly recommended.

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Wed 29-Jul-09 12:41:17

why do you have to be off work anyway? Presumably you are the dad.. isn't the mum and baby at home?

Anyway I think you're being bloody ridiculous and over dramatic.

LesLight Thu 26-Nov-09 22:07:13

I would just like to say that I purchased from Bambino Direct and then freaked out after reading the bad reviews on this site.

However, I have to say that I had no problems with them. They were extreemly helpful and were a pleasure to deal with..wink

sanfairyann Thu 26-Nov-09 22:11:04

you sound v high maintenance

differentID Thu 26-Nov-09 22:15:00

If you were that desperate for a car seat and pushchair, why didn't you go somewhere they had the product in stock that day or got one from the original retailer?

Just going to point out as well that unless you pay for time specific delivery you would have had to wait in all day anyway so why were you online complaining when national delivery companies can deliver up to 6pm?

Can I also ask how you got the baby home from the shop when you returned the original item?

nanabanana Fri 30-Jul-10 11:19:04

ordered quinny buzz 3 on 16/7/10, still waiting delivery, after several e-mails +calls too them now told it will be soon !!!!!!!!!!!! they were quick to take the money, taken on 20/7, baby due tues. now panic is setting in. HELP. WOULD NEVER ORDER FROM THEM EVER. they dont reply to e-mails and the only way to get throu is opting for the sales on button 1 as they answer their phone a little quicker if it might be a sale, that tells you a lot, i think the customer service backlog is too much for them and they dont answer the phones.SO BEWARE OF BD.

Cazza230 Fri 03-Sep-10 18:57:06

I recommend that no one orders from this farcical company! I ordered the new Bugaboo Bee Plus on the 27th July - I gave birth on the 21st August and only received the goods on the 3rd September. They took the money from my acct (£700.00) the day I ordered it and in their Ts & Cs claimed they would only take money out on the day of despatch. After numerous phone calls chasing up the delivery - I was passed from pillar to post with unbelieveable excuses as to why there were delays in sending me the pram. The customer services dept are shocking and the amount of time and money I have spent alone on phone calls is staggering. They even had the cheek to send me the hood for a cameleon pram and advised me that this hood fitted all bugaboo prams - joke! The final straw came when after giving birth after 10 days I was still unable to leave my house as the pram still had not arrived. I contacted trading standards and they agreed that this company were in breach of contract. I must admit that the package of the pram I purchased was the best I had researched but to avoid the stress and inconv that this company put upon me, I would rather of purchased from a store. I would therefore not advise anyone to buy from this dodgy company!

LukaB Tue 07-Sep-10 15:46:30

We also made the mistake of buying with Bambinodirect - to save a few pounds - but in the end it ended up costing us more.

They sent a second hand Stokke canopy which had no fittings - and refused to take it back.

After several calls and rather heated discussions with the very poor "Customer Services" department , they finally agreed to the return.

However, despite agreeing to pick up the postage costs, they failed to do so. When we called them to point this out, they had the audacity to suggest that we send the invoice for the registered delivery, by registered delivery!!

Hence, we had to foot the bill for the registered parcel delivery, and are £15 down as a consequence.

It was the most painful and stressful shopping experience that we have had. We wish we had read the warning signs before we used them.


LukaB Tue 07-Sep-10 16:07:25

I should have added, that we are still pursuing the repayment of the parcel delivery. Our experience to date would however suggest a long, drawn out process with no guaranteed chance of success...

Hols77 Thu 09-Sep-10 10:05:59

I bought a Bugaboo Cameleon package last year. Luckily I ordered about 2 1/2 months before because it basically took that long to turn up and that was minus the Isofix unit which I ended up having to buy from tesco.
They did refund that part but it took quite a bit of chasing which was a hassle.

A strap on my Bugaboo has now broken which is nothing to do with Bambino but Bugaboo advised me to go back to the retailer...great! I have been trying to get a response for 10 days now. Bugaboo have now said I can deal direct with them which is a relief.
I was going to buy a new car seat from them this week but after seeing all these reviews and have trouble with the strap warranty, Im staying away for good!!!

JosieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Jan-11 14:01:00

Hello. Bambino Direct have noticed this thread and have asked us to post up this statement from them:

“Bambino Direct are under new management (Oct 2010). We’re now part of Buy it Direct, one of the largest e-tailers in the UK, and we’ve undergone a lot of changes. Our key focus is to provide all customers with the best possible deals available as well as giving great customer service. If you have any feedback on their new site or what you’d like to see from Bambino Direct please email us at“

Kipspropmana1 Wed 11-Sep-13 13:52:52


I ordered a beautiful cot from Bambino Direct. It arrived on the date expected, fab, however the parcels were filthy, ripped and the contents damaged. It took an age to get a returns approval, an age for the company to collect. This was bad enough; but the replacement took 5 separate attempts to be delivered. The sales assistants blatantly lied to me on two occasions saying the replacement was en route for the agreed dates, only to be told by the couriers that they had no record of such parcels. I had to take 4 separate days off of work to await delivery, only to be told it was other either lost or non existent. I lost earnings as I am self employed, not to mention the increase in both my mobile phone bill and landline phone bill calling an 08 number to chase the deliveries up. When I claimed for loss of earnings they took weeks to reply, and simply said that they cannot compensate for forces beyond their control and that because i did not specify a date for delivery they were not liable! This is ridiculous as I simply wanted delivery of of the goods that I had already paid for, and so with each failure to deliver I had to take the next available delivery date, which would again materialise to be another wasted day! How is it possible for such a huge online company to behave so unprofessionally with no thought for the undue stress on a member of their target demographic, a pregnant woman!? Blatant lies and disregard of the consumer. I truly thought I had been duped out of my money. The replacement that eventually turned up had marks and dinks on it and looked like a reject also. I just could not bare another 8 weeks of anxiety and disappointment in tying to return it for a refund. Unbelievably bad company. Never had any issues with Mothercare, Amazon, Next etc and I have recently ordered a highchair from online4baby, the delivery turned up exactly when stated, within the hours slot specified; fantastic service. I would never use, recommend Bambino Direct ever again; these companies should be answerable to someone but sadly not.

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