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Does anyone have a subscription to Red magazine?

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MrsFogi Mon 27-Jul-09 22:09:55

If so, do you get the freebies attached to the front cover that you'd get if you bought it in a shop or do you miss out?

saadia Mon 27-Jul-09 22:15:11

Not a Red subscriber but do subscribe to Easy Living and Woman and Home and I always get the freebies in the post, so I suppose the same applies to Red magazine.

ssd Mon 27-Jul-09 22:16:30

I miss out on th freebies, don't know why

missblythe Mon 27-Jul-09 22:16:51

Yes, you do still get them.

EccentricaAnal Mon 27-Jul-09 22:17:35

yes. freebies do come with it.

why? were you planning on giving a red freebie as a present to a red subscriber? if so. no don't do it. you will look stingy.

MrsFogi Mon 27-Jul-09 22:49:37

Just considering subscribing but I'd be a bit miffed if I didn't get the freebies. A friend of mine reckoned she didn't get them when she subscribed.

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