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Is "Walking With Dinosaurs" at o2 likely to frighten 6 month old?!

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freakorunique Mon 27-Jul-09 19:57:42

We are taking 4 year old to the Walking With Dinosaurs show at the o2 arena - not sure whether to take our 6 month old or leave him with Nan. Has anyone been and can offer advice?

Spidermama Thu 06-Aug-09 10:14:34

I've seen it and I would think as long as your remain calm the six month old will too. The dinos are very huge and realistic.

In fact if you have the option to leave him with Nan I would for your own sake because you'll enjoy the show better and a sixth month old won't really get much from it.

MamaFi Thu 06-Aug-09 10:30:39


There were babies in the audience crying when we went. Some bits are quiet with the narrator talking, then loud thunder storms and bangs, flash lighting, loud orchestral music etc. The roars are very loud too. I would leave baby for a couple of hours with someone if possible. It's two hours including the interval, so probably a long time for baby to be held... may get bored. Also, your 4 year old may need on either Mum or Dad's knee at the loud/scary bits.

My 4 year old boy adored it, still talking about it a week later! We left our 2 year old son with his Nana, thinking it would be a bit much for him.

It is a brilliant show... Have fun!!

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