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How do i tell her !!!!1

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mummyof2 Sun 22-May-05 18:20:28

Iam currently involved in a three way exchange its been going through for the past six weeks we are supposed to be siging papers on thursday and then moving out the week after.The big problem is ive changed my mind and i want to stay where i am.The house i was meant to be moving too is lovely but on a well known estate that i just got transfered off from. The house im in now is lovely location perfect for the kids house needs a lot of work thats what put me off it.Its only just hit me that i want to stay the work will get done over time and i will never get a chance to come back to this area again!
I just dont know how or what to tell the lady im meant to be swapping with she has wanted this for 11 years and im letting her down at the last minute.I feel awful and dont know what to say i need to let her know asap. Please give me some advice on what i can say to her.

Davros Sun 22-May-05 18:24:19

How awful but you must do what's right for you and I think you just have to be honest with her. I would phone her, not leave a message or anything, if she's not there ask her to phone you and just tell her. Then duck! Good luck.

mummyof2 Sun 22-May-05 19:31:15

I was going to wimp out and write her a note !!!! Thats bad isnt it!!

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 19:45:06

you need to ring her, speak to her in person and be honest, yes you may have to duck the fallout, but just tell the truth.

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