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Bike seat for baby - front carrier - weeride?

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weepootle Fri 24-Jul-09 19:21:03

We're off on holiday and planned to take our bikes, so started looking for a baby seat for dd2 (8m) only to find they all seem to be from 9m/9kg. Dd2 is very tiny and nowhere near 9kg.

The one we like best (WeeRide) says from 1 year.

Just wondered whether anyone has used any seats before this age/weight or if there are any around which are suitable for younger/smaller babies?


AnnieLobeseder Fri 24-Jul-09 19:32:27

I used my Weeride from when DD1 was about 10m, but I really didn't get on with it. You have to ride with your knees sticking out sideways so they don't bang on the seat! And I have very stubby little legs so anyone with longer ones would really suffer!

I loved the look of this one and would have got one if I hadn't already got a rear-mounted one when I gave up on the disasterous WeeRide.

Will you be riding offroad where a trailer might be a better idea?

this one looks good and is from 9mo, but again, you might bang your knees on it.

weepootle Fri 24-Jul-09 20:16:24

Thanks Annie, it would be dh cycling with her so probably no good for his long legs then.

I don't really like the idea of a trailer, I want her sitting up with us, seeing what's going on.

I have had no problems with the wee ride, I am 5'10" and dp is 6'1".Dp takes the kids out for hours on it. Maybe it is to do with the bike it is on?

We still use it for ds 5, who it was originally purchased for. Have been putting dd in it since she could sit up and the hat would stay on her head, completely forgot there was an age guide, ooopsblushgrin.

Both kids also sleep in it with their heads on the front section, very cutegrin.

weepootle Fri 24-Jul-09 20:35:24

Really WTWTW? Dd2 has been sitting for a good while and has always had good head control so maybe I'll just go for it. Not planning on doing any long rides- just really for getting about the campsite.

Thanks for your help. smile

Oh for pootling round the site you will be fine really, I honestly think dd was about 6 months when dp took her out for her 10 mile round tripgrin.

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