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blinkin eck, family next door to our poss new house make the dingles seem considerate!!!!!!!!!!!!!what to do?????

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Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 09:06:24

help, we have sold our house subject to contract to a couple who arent in a chain and want a quick sale, we have placed an offer on ahouse which has been accepted and the vendor is building a housenext door which weare fine with, however,we have been over there a bout 3 times to see the houseand it was deadly quiet, the cul de sac is quite small and it seems quite peaceful, we asked about the neighbours ajoining the house and he just said, oh i think they will move soon, they have just split up, he pointed out that the mother had left and taken 10 year old with her but left father and 18 year old there. last night we decided to drive past the house as we were over there anyway and to our horror, the 18 year old was stood out side with about 3 really rough looking lads(he looked like a nasty peice of work too)with all the doors open on his car and the loudest music id ever heard coming out of it, really bassy, the car is a clapped out g reg escort but thr sound system is prob worth more than the car, dh wants to pull out of the sale now, advice please???

Caligula Sun 22-May-05 09:11:54

Yep, I'd pull out.

But then, I'm like that. The reality is that wherever you go, your neighbours could be lousy and there are no guarantees. But when you actually know that the Dingles are in residence next door, it seems too big a risk to take to move next door to them on the offchance that they might move. Even if they do, it might take five years - do you really want to risk the next five years of your life living in a stressful and hideous environment?

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 09:20:16

no youre right caligula. i feel so gutted, the houseis perfect in every way but i do not want to end up living next door to that, theson looked like hed smash your face in if you dared say anything and the other thing i noticed aswell is that they have a boxer dog outside on a chain, which is prob barking a lot of the time too, the father has obviously given up trying to control the son, what now though??? our vendors want a quick sale and our home buyers survey is going through on weds and we have put our mortgage application in and instructed our solicitors, have been awake all night worrying about it.

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 09:25:13

i am actually weeping into my computer keyboard now, its not fair, i knew this housewas too good to betrue, thatsprob why hes selling.

Frizbe Sun 22-May-05 09:27:19

Oh spacecadet....hugs hon, but surely its better that you found out now, and not on the 1st night in there right! Pull out and somewhere even better will come your way I promise.

KBear Sun 22-May-05 09:28:29

You'll be weeping alot more after you've moved in Spacecadet. It's not your dream house with them living next door is it? Start again, ring the agents, get pushy for lots of viewings and most importantly keep your chin up!!! This is crap to have happened but it's far better you know now. I remember only too well the stresses of moving house but you want it be 100% right - you don't want to regret it afterwards.

Lots of luck for next time.

noddyholder Sun 22-May-05 09:28:53

Pull out it is your biggest investment and you want to be happy there There will be other houses it is just not worth the risk

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 09:31:18

i keep convincing myself that it was a one off, but of course it wont be, he prob playsloud music, everyday in the house because our vendor said he was unemployed, until his dad gets home, my dh used to live next door to some people like that and he said it wasa living hell, they were alwaysplaying music, even as lateas 12 at night, cars were always pulling up, hewas glad to move.

franke Sun 22-May-05 09:33:01

Yes, you must pull out now. You can't compromise on this. Thank goodness you passed by and saw this before you'd signed on the dotted line. Good luck - something else will come up I'm sure.

WideWebWitch Sun 22-May-05 09:36:43

Pull out. This will drive you mad if you buy the house. Definitely, the grief isn't worth it and I reckon it's a buyers market or close to it atm.

WideWebWitch Sun 22-May-05 09:37:07

Honestly, that was the catch, bet you find something else just as nice.

noddyholder Sun 22-May-05 09:37:48

Have you asked the vendor about the neighbours?If they were really bad he might not be building his new house so close just a chance??

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 09:39:10

well we have been past there a couple of times to see what itslike and hes not usually in evenings, but we must have caught him just going out, he prob does that every eve, stands there with music blasting out of the car before he goes, trouble is, does he do it when he comes back, what time does he get back etc??? when we drove by it was 7.45 which is the time that ds1 would be going to bed, imaginetrying to sleep through that

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 09:43:10

noddy, we asked the vendor about the neighboursand he said theman was ok, but soft with the lads, he said that the mother had only just moved out and that was it, trouble is with the mother out of the pic the teen isprob doing what he likes now, he could be having matesround all day. vendor is building hisnew house2 metres from gable end of ours, but how do we knowhe isgoing to live in it?? he could be just saying that. and if heis, he isnt going to beattached to them, im wondering if the noise isrecent though because the vendor phoned me on thursand said he dint think he he had enough money to build the househimself and wondered what to do, he made noisesabout selling the land, maybe he is not happy with the noise??

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 09:44:46

the househas been on the market a year and the price dropped 25k the estate agent said it washis house build putting people off.

hub2dee Sun 22-May-05 09:48:17

His Spacecadet - a couple of things: Some lads look vicious but it's all front etc. esp. with mates around. It might be worth stopping to say 'hi, we're buying this house, how long have you been here" etc. etc. and seeing if he can have a conversation etc. Go when the music's on and tell him something like "you know you're not allowed to have your music on that loud" just to see what his reaction is.... if it's 'f*ck you", you'll know this isn't your new home. If it's "sorry, we'll turn it down" (and they do, and don't give you satanic stares), maybe he's just being a bit flash and actually a nice kid ?

(Must admit, from helping sparklymieow on her thread about nasty neighbours I fear the former, but hope for the latter... are there other nearby neighbours / houses you could go knocking at ?)

I agree that if this looks like the status quo though, this place sadly isn't for you (unless you get clarification of when dad and son might leave).

I'd probably suggest (without knowing details) that you keep your purchaser though - the market is getting quieter and slower and you might find it difficult to find a buyer if some more negative messages start coming out from the Chancellor etc. Would it be feasible to rent for a while maybe ?


hub2dee Sun 22-May-05 09:52:03

Ref: "noises about selling land" - I think he may be looking for an exit. ...

He's probably gunning for a 'we've got planning permission for this house on this land next to yours. We'll sell you the house and the land for an extra £30K' etc. etc.

This might be good, it might be terrible...

hatsoff Sun 22-May-05 09:59:23

also it's worth talking this though with your solicitor - the law about what vendors must disclose includes stuff like nuisance neighbors - but i think depends on how you ask. not that having some come back if he lied and you bought the place would be much comfort. but the solicitor might know how to force an honest answer.

noddyholder Sun 22-May-05 10:01:30

It doesn't look good then have you seen any other houses you like?Agree you should keep your buyer if poss Would you rent?

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 11:31:04

Well i have just phoned our vendor up and told him my concerns, trouble is he talks really fast! and a lot of the time i cant understand what he is saying! so heactually said, the mum doesnt work, not the lad! and itsthedad thats gone, ive had avery long chat with him and he said, he dropped his price to try and get legal aid coshe is fighting for custody of his dd and he had to much equity in his house at the price iot was going for(dont know howtrue that is) hesaid hehas had difficulty selling coseveryone was put off by his house build, but to all intents and purposes still plans to build his house but is looking into getting a mortgage to build it all, he says he wants this house up quickly cos its his security for his daughter who he wants custody of.he reckons that the lad is a trainee plumber and isnt in during the day, hesaid he normally just goes out, but he does sometimes standaround with hismateswith the music on before they go out. he said he gets on great with the mother and has had to go round on acouple of occassions and tell him to turn music down if the mother is out, he reckons he normally obliges. he said he has had a prob with a few of his mates steaming round in cars but he has pulled them up on it, he admitted that some of his friends are a bit questionable but says hes normally out most eves anyway and at work in the day, dont know what to think anymore.

Spacecadet Sun 22-May-05 11:32:05

hesays he has never ever complained about them, and doesnt have a prob with them, says he likes the mother and goes round regularly for coffee

magnolia1 Sun 22-May-05 11:39:32

Its a no win situation really! You could move in and have loud ladish neighbours that you are aware of but you could also move into a house which seems quiet until theire dogs bark all night or they start having huge rows or their kids turn a certain age and turn into ladish louts etc...

I know its hard but you can't know exactly what your neighbours are like.
BUT saying all that I would not move into a house if I knew the people in it could be a problem!!

franke Sun 22-May-05 11:44:30

Okay - I think you should talk to some of the other neighbours and get their views. I would also drive round a few more times at various times to put your mind at rest/confirm your suspicions. People here are right - you can never really know what your neighbours are going to be like, but you can do a bit of seruptitous research to make sure there really aren't any truly awful ones.

LIZS Sun 22-May-05 11:45:10

But if it is the mother with whom he gets on and has sorted out any issues with before, the fact that she has now left that may not help much. Sorry, sounds like a bit of a no win situation, do you have any realistic alternatives ?

noddyholder Sun 22-May-05 11:46:18

A seller will usually tell the best case scenario I know I would so if that is the best case I would pull out The cars driving around alone would put me off You sound like the sort of person who would be bothered by this otherwise you wouldn't have posted so even though it probably seems like major hassle I think you should let it go sorry

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