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Is this fair...dp says i can't have Ronaldo for my birthday

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lemonice Sat 21-May-05 14:49:11

and must have my original sugggestion of half a golf club.

He's got more than two weeks to save up

got to go to my appointment in bed with a beer and the TV

Spacecadet Sat 21-May-05 15:50:07

what a meanie!!!

NomDePlume Sat 21-May-05 15:53:22

half a golf club ?!

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 15:59:59

Jointly with myself!! Unfortunately not a GOLF CLUB but a club. What do other people get? This is the first year I've actually thought of something in advance ..and everybody else has their birthday first in May..and Ronaldo is sweet, I could bake him cakes and wash his socks and he could landscape the garden or be my personal trainer

Spacecadet Sat 21-May-05 16:51:06

but hissocks would be rank and hes prob no goodat gardening

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 18:25:07


it's not fair

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