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Thomcat Sat 21-May-05 14:20:41

Did you get wet?

Thomcat Sat 21-May-05 17:28:45


beansontoast Sat 21-May-05 17:32:11

hello ...
oh weird.oh so weird [but then not really that weird at the same time!]

so ,your daughter is really really beautiful,like every one has already said .
also ..on a tangent ...i had you down as blonde.

beansontoast Sat 21-May-05 17:33:11

..i had just got home when th edownpour started.

beansontoast Sat 21-May-05 18:11:40

oh plop..i must have just missed you.umm..its not likely that ill get back on here ...with any decent time on my hands to explore where our paths cross....till monday.ill yell for you.

Thomcat Sat 21-May-05 19:49:53

There you are. Okay refresh this on Monday.
I'm here for a bit, resting my feet after making Lottie chicken nuggets to last her till August! And a banana loaf and other bits and pieces.

Thank God you missed that downpour, it was a bit mad.

What's madder is that I thought you were 2 other people before I really realised who you are.
And how mad you know D and his mad sister!

Thanks for the comment about Lottie, God knows how you thought that though, she's been a tired grouch all day and she couldn't bear the noise and was desperate to leave. As we went through the gates on the way home she said 'hooray'!

Your little boy looked yummy, even with a snotty nose!

So that's the school for you as well aye? Lovely isn't it. So do you get yourself out on a Sunday morning at 10am??!!

Well, what a small world and well done for doing the spotting. God knows how you did it if you thought I was blonde, I presumed you'd seen an interview with me or seen a pic on memebers profiles, I'm amazed.

Chat to you later, enjoy the rest of your weekend, TC x

beansontoast Mon 23-May-05 10:38:14

mornin mornin,

ill be popping back to this inbetween my domestic duties...hope you're around

homemade chicken nuggets!...i feel certain that one day i will ask for your recipe /method etc etc for that...only to continue to be so awed by it as to not ever actually make them...anyway i will simply offer cash for banana loaf.

i feel a bit mad for never having introduced myself on here before and then appearing before you at a school fair all familiar!!!..its just that im not fully au fait with forum culture etiquette dont trust the impression i create ,and so more often than not i dont bother to cultivate relations...and also im trying to cut down on mnet [another story]...blahblahblah

however in rl i have no qualms

the sun 10 am thing is a work in progress...recently things have been very hard work /study wise so i heve only made it to mass once since feb!! dp is not into it atall so im doing this whole faith thing solo.

err...are you are longstanding local? ive decided that i can can 'hear' local in your posts...something about how you phrase things...but then im prob making that up to fit!

i went to that school we met at.i remember the fair as a much much larger event!....its quite funny going back there these days.

The head teacher was my class teacher when i was seven...even then she was quite pioneering and dynamic [i was a very perceptive seven year old]

this prob doesnt read very well cos im scatty at the best of times and at the moment this is furtive mumsnetting.

what else what else??

K [your sis in law?]is a friend from ages ago...i knew her from Pinner and saw her at church and then we worked together . i saw her for the fist time in years about a year ago,in sainsburys and had the classic'we must go for a drink sometime'conversation.shes lovely so talented and was shocking to hear how ill she had been!

ummm right gonna do d/stairs loo........

Thomcat Mon 23-May-05 10:59:12

What a mad, mad small world!

D went to a Catholic school and his and K's dad is a staunch Catholic, got awareded a papal knighthood! I was babptised sa Catholic but never practiced until I had lottie. I was confirmed at SJF on the easter Saturday, the same night Lottie was baptised, it was fab!
D isn't really into it so I try and make the effort on my own on the odd sunday. trouble is a good social life play havoc with Sunday mornings! trying to step it up a bit and D even came with me on Sunday.

Do you know a girl called Janine that went to SJF. She lives off the Ridgeway, about the same age group as us. She has dark curly hair and loads of freckles. Her DD goes to Lottie's nursery so I got to know her and she went to SJF as well.

I grew up in Harrow. Went to Roxbourne in Torbay Road, sort of rayners laneish and then went to a rough neck school - Rooks Heath, uggghhhhhhhh!!!! Hate the fact I went there, such a rubbish school.

Then moved to N.Harrow and then Harrow ont he Hill. Went to Harrow Wealdcollege where I met D at 17 and we dated. Went our own ways after college and then met back up again and moved in with each other in Pinner 9 years ago and still living in Pinner now.

K is a fab girl, mad as a bag of spiders with a heart of gold. She's such a great auntie, lottie adores her. Yeah she's been really ill, still is really. Hope she sorts herself out. She's such a star.

Still can't believe you spotted me, how on earth did you do that if you thought I was blone, my hair couldn't get much darker so I don't get how you knew it was me?!

beansontoast Mon 23-May-05 11:21:00

hooray you are local.
thats even more mental...ive just spoken to my new supervising clinicain and im meeting her tomorrow at 9.15 am at roxboune first school..

your confirmation sounds lovely.i do so want to get back on track...ds Jan is hopefully going to be baptised Aug /Sept

i think i know janine [and her bro]...she was in my brothers year..she prob wouldnt know me,but def knows my brother and sister...might remember my mum too because she taught at sjf.

Fr.M is coming round this evening!if he sholud want a is perfectly now clean.Am a little scared...dp and i havent come together on this to present a united front and im brickibng it that dp will come over all confrontational.blegh....and i swear when im nervous.good one?

im not sure how i knew it was you...or more precisely how my mind swithced to mn mode at a busy juction midst crowds of damp revellers...cos i havent seen any of your media appearances!
i saw lottie first ...then you ...who saw me looking at didnt smile ...i thought ''shti she thinks im a 'starer' ''...looked back at your little family unit,so that i could do big smiling...saw D..thought 'muso plus pretty girl, 3 ish, downs' [sorrysorrysorry if you hate that desciption but the muso bit was just as prominent in my memory]
and then thought 'ohhhh myyy gooooood'and before i knew it i was saying a clumsy hello.

hall and stairs now...

Thomcat Mon 23-May-05 13:08:36

I didn't notice you looking at lotbags, I was in the 'we've got to leave' mind set and we were on our way out of there. I was also keeping a beedy eye out for Father M or Anne Lions, but deffo didn't notice you until you came over to us, so sorry for not smiling. I was in a world of my own and on my way outta there!

Yeah Janine has a brother so it must be the same person, the world's getting smaller all the time!

What on earth is Father M doing comin gover tonight, how scary! LOL at him having a shower at oyur, God can you imagine.
Father Joe was my man, he came up to the hospital to see me when I had Lottie and came over to ours with a fab bottle of red wine for us. Came to the party we had for Lottie'c baptism on the Sunday after her baptism, I really liked him, wish he was still there.

just hysterical you spotted me, well done, it's just mad. You have a good memory to remeber the muso bit as well. So do you know D a bit as well then if you know K? They went to school in hammersmith - Cardinal Vaughn.

beansontoast Mon 23-May-05 14:22:14

fr joe sounds lovely...lots of people speak soo fondly of him,i wish i had got around to this a bit sooner.i am preoccupied that fr M will think that i am making a bid to get Jan into school.when in actual fact we might not live aroundf here when i he would be starting school elsewhere...and also i quite like the idea of a multicultuarl education...oh ambivalence!zzzzzzz

i think that priesty visits are standard now,more personal?..and they get to check that you live where you say you live?i dont really know.Dread is not the word.
wHEN WILL Lbags be due to start? [its her eyes that got me...hazely right?i cant believe i had a blue eyed child]My mum says [must be right?]that the school is very up on meeting an individual's needs in a super personal way.Mrs Lyons rocks.

I dont really know D in i cant remember ever really speaking to him...but friends of friends across the years have known him i suppose and pinner is quite small.When i was about 14??ish poss 13 my friend got off with his mate [jf...of pinner..nice boy] i was struck dumb by the maturity of this act.
did you ever go to a st lukes sure d must have. i think another friend fancied d...from a distance.all this is of course pubescent history ,coloured in my mind by d seeming enormously cool.i was no starlet myself let me add!
god im spending ages writing this...i get into a ramble mode and then think...what did she ask me?

im sure we must know more of the same i cant think,i didnt know many people who went there. i went to school at st joans Ricky.where did you do dyour teen drinking?

the cleaning has come to a bit of a standstill..its chaos and i know in my heart that i have given up ...but there is so much stuff to put away and buckts to rinse out etc...aaargh and the PRIEST IS COMING TO MY HOUSE.

beansontoast Mon 23-May-05 14:27:20

is lottie's nursery the one in the corner of a car park that begins with H

Thomcat Mon 23-May-05 17:07:31

She doesn't go to Hegaston mate no, if that's the one you're thinking of, i didn't like it there tbh. She goes to a Montessori school in Headstone Lane.

D was super cool when we were younger. cool and arrogant! He got into dance music v early and was DJing and hanging out with cool dudes in London clubs from an early age. When i first met him he was so up his arse with his coolness I thought he was a dick! , then i feel for him anyway, i couldn't resist after all and he actually was cool not just pretending to be.

I did my drinking in Pinner, the Hand, the Vic, Bogarts, The Avenue, Bury St Discos, case is Altered, and then started going out in town a lot.
How about you?
I'm 33 btw, 34 in August and D will be 35 in Sept.

So the priest is coming to your house, just to pay you a visit? Id on't get it, is it a school thing, should he be coming to my house? I feel I'm missing out!!!!!! I really don't want him to come, but if he shoud be coming then, well he should. How scary for you. Did you get the cakes in? I really want Lottie to go to that school so if I have to make him dinner then i will!

Anne lyons does rock, she's fab man, I so hope Lotbags gets in there.
Must go to church more. Might be easier now I'm up the stick as won't be hungover on Sunday morning s anymore. No ring on my finger though he might not like that.
Bloody religion!

Good luck tonight, et me know how you get on.
TC x

beansontoast Mon 23-May-05 20:19:49

the ring dont matter!but going to mass does,thats the biggy.Fr M has just left and i feel so happy..he blessed jan as he left and it felt greatthere are a couple of clases to go to,people to meet,chats to have..all very nice all very personal and all very encouraging.mass is the biggy tho...thats not from fr m thats from ms lyons btw.yippeee.

im the same year as you then,was 34 in march.
BOGARTS!omg ...frickin bogarts..
i started in the victory ,the young'uns bar,then the hand at a mature 19 or so [also worked there for a year at around that time]..then moved to bristol for a few years ,then Australia for a year and then came back to harrow...and mainly went to the trinity if not in london.didnt go to pinner for years and years and when i went back it was chilling how little had changed...howeverthese days it warms my heart to catch up with every one in the odds.and its very convenient for a cheapskate mum.

dp and i are home birds through and through,so i cant even use hangovers as a n excuse re church nonattendence,im just idle/knackered.

im off to your old school tomorrow...must go swot up on something

Thomcat Mon 23-May-05 21:23:18

So did he come round as p-srt of getting Jan baptised?

Is your DH a local boy too?

Bogarts was when I was 14 btw, and don't tell me mam! Then we grew up and went to Splitz, do you remeber that, where MacDonalds is now next to Whitmore, LOL at those days.

So we drank at the Vic in the same old days then, I was.... 17/18 and then like you matured into The Hand and now if I go for a drink in Pinner it's the Odds, have the odd roast in the Kings Head.

Anyway off to watch a skateboard DVD D bought home! LOL!

TC x

beansontoast Wed 25-May-05 19:33:00

hi finding it hard to get anytime to mnet at the and studyetc zzzz .wrote a pretty long post yesterday..whilst struggling to entertain jan with crappy distractions...then he somehow deleted the whole lot!!didnt have it in me to repeat it

might see you at mass sometime? or ill track you down on another thread ,x

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