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Why do I feel cheeky?

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jampots Sat 21-May-05 13:27:27

We have a caravan which I hate and have pushed to sell it. My neighbour (lovely man) has a son who is buying it from us. He has been trying to save all the money but needed a small loan in order to get the caravan before the half term next week. His loan came through this week and it will clear into his account by the end of this week. However we need the caravan gone as we wish to put a skip on the drive so have agreed to him having it today and paying us by next weekend. Why do I feel cheeky asking him to sign an agreement to this effect and we are talking thousands of pounds here?

Freckle Sat 21-May-05 13:29:04

Because you live next door. If it were a stranger, you wouldn't think twice.

suzywong Sat 21-May-05 13:30:34

because you are English

assumedname Sat 21-May-05 13:33:28

Can't you wait a week for the skip and sell the caravan to him when he's actually got the money? I mean, you've only got his word for it that the loan has come through, haven't you?

Otherwise, no, you're not being cheeky but eminently sensible.

Jampots Mon 13-Jun-05 20:07:29

well just to update: they took the caravan and a week later apparently paid us in full straight into our bank account. The next morning the wife rang to say she had a horrid feeling hte bank had messed up so she rang and it transpired the bank had transferred £5k on the Friday and £5k on the Saturday (over bank hol weekend). However, this is £500 short which we reminded her. She said that it should also be coming through and if not to ring her and she would provide us with a cheque. So we did and she hasnt. So we text and phoned again and she still hasnt. Today she maintains that the money isnt in her account and that they;ve taken it but the bank (which is the same branch as ours) advised her she cant transfer more than 10k into a personal bank account in a month!!! So I text her dh this time (as previously she asked for him not to know as he would blame her) and NOTHING!

And to make matters worse I thought dh had given them the agreement to sign and he thought I had!

Jampots Wed 15-Jun-05 19:57:06

a cheque arrived today for hte balance BUT it was dated 15/6/06 and only initial in place of a signature!!!! So took it to the bank and explained very nicely how much trouble we've had with this and as they bank at the same branch as us, its cleared already!!!!

mysterygirl Sat 18-Jun-05 08:56:48

we rang the bank and asked if the funds really were clear and they said the funds are avialable for us to use - so we did!!! Then yesterday they bounced the cheque!

So after giving Barclays a slaughtering dh spoke to the wife who still maintains that the money has left her account! after pointing out THE CHEQUE HAS BOUNCED she agreed to bring the cash round today before 12. Just for good measure I texted her dh too (as she seems to have a history of F*ing things up) asking for hte cash last night and this morning at the latest. This morning Ive had a text from her to say the moneys in my account. So having had to check AGAIN with Barclays they say as its the same branch as us the money is now there and cant go back!!!! The cheeky cow has now innundated us with calls this morning but there is no way Im speaking to her in this mood!

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