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Can anyone recommend a company that can put a school logo onto a pure cotton school jumper?

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bran Fri 17-Jul-09 21:39:30

DS has eczema and I try to make sure all his clothes are 100% cotton to prevent flare-ups. His school are changing their uniform from September and the new jumper is logoed. angry The jumpers that can be bought through the school are poly-cotton so I need to source jumpers for him myself and get the the logo/crest put on. The school can email me the details of the logo that their supplier is using. If I can't find a company that can supply the whole package then I will (reluctantly) buy the jumpers myself and send them off, so if anyone knows a company that just does logos that would be useful too.

It's a total pain in the neck as the polo shirt they require is also not pure cotton, but at least it's plain so I can try and match the colour from another source.


ChasingSquirrels Fri 17-Jul-09 21:43:08

assume you have asked direct if the school supplier can do pure cotton ones? They might source and logo for you.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Fri 17-Jul-09 21:43:09

Depends on area I think. Can the school tell you where they / the supplier gets them done? Then the embroidery factory will have the logo already set into the machine, so it won't be any real effort to do a set of stuff for you.

Otherwise, lots of places do school uniform embroidery but you might have to pay more if they haven't done your logo before.

Failing that, there's a plce called Uniforms 2 Go in Bridgend.

bran Fri 17-Jul-09 21:49:06

I don't have the details of the school supplier yet, we were only told the details of the new uniform on Tuesday and I didn't find out until yesterday that it wasn't cotton. It was lucky I thought to check as I nearly went ahead and ordered it all as the order had to be in by today. The school are going to send the details of their supplier to me, but the woman who was organising it said that they definitely don't do pure cotton so if they agree to do the logo for me I'll probably have to post them the jumpers.

I'm hoping to do it all online/over the phone as I don't fancy treking around London in the summer with a 5 yo and a 18 mo.

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