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edgarcat Thu 08-May-03 21:26:47

Message withdrawn

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 10:51:31

yes,when is it? i love it too especially the voting,france votes for belgium and switzerland but no one votes for france,spain votes for portugal and viceversa,no one votes the germans,all the countries in former yugoslavia vote for each other although they went to war because they hate each other,it`s great!when is it,when is it??

edgarcat Tue 13-May-03 11:00:01

Message withdrawn

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 11:05:04

i think is just you and me though

edgarcat Tue 13-May-03 11:09:58

Message withdrawn

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 11:10:59


edgarcat Tue 13-May-03 11:10:59

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Tue 13-May-03 11:11:30

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Tue 13-May-03 11:12:33

I like it too. Tatu are in for Russia this year. FAB. I have to admit, I think we have a reasonably good entry this year. Am I sad. No I am NOT. Two weeks to go.

Eurovision 2003

edgarcat Tue 13-May-03 11:14:20

Message withdrawn

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 11:14:21

oh,i can`t be spain then,i`ll be sober all night,actually i heard the spanish song and it`s not bad

BigBird Tue 13-May-03 11:25:02

Looking forward to it too. Haven't heard the UK entry yet but the Irish entry is HUGE here (after a PopIdol type show which lasted months). Did you have a similar type show to pick the singer(s) ?
We'll give you douze points if you give us douze points!!

BigBird Tue 13-May-03 11:26:21

I'll be Irlande so...

Bobbins Tue 13-May-03 11:33:41

whymummy> I think Spain are one of the favourites this year. Perhaps you will get slaughtered after all. Dependsd how big your measures are.

I might be Russia

breeze Tue 13-May-03 11:35:58

Soooo glad I am not the only one who loves this. Am I alone in thinking that Terry Wogan is brilliant, his sarcastic comments make it even more enjoyable.

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 11:37:35

oh great!!bobbins,do you have to drink vodka for russia,sangria for spain,guinnes for ireland etc?

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 11:38:21

oh i love trry`s sarcasm

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 11:38:35

terry even

Bobbins Tue 13-May-03 11:38:37

Well...I wish Terry would take it all a bit more seriously. It is a very important competition after all merely jesting.

BigBird Tue 13-May-03 11:39:50

Breeze - we always tune to Terry too.
I'll be so bloated than with all these pints of guinness I'll be knocking back - ugh!

Bobbins Tue 13-May-03 11:40:16

I'm going to go for vodka I think. My Portuguese partner can drink Porto. OH Yes! I think I'm going to be much more plastered than him.

pie Tue 13-May-03 11:41:19

Ok how comes no one has addressed the real issue here?????

How many DH/DPs will be watching this year because fake lesbian duo Tatu are the Russian entry????

whymummy Tue 13-May-03 11:42:02

i think i stick to san miguel,can`t stand the headache from drinking sangria

breeze Tue 13-May-03 11:42:27

Come to think of it, I have never watched it recently sober.

BigBird Tue 13-May-03 11:44:03

pie, dh thinks the portugese entrant is quite nice too but I haven't seen her yet......

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