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Going on holiday with friends and feel very anxious!

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HenriettaJones Fri 17-Jul-09 15:48:57

My near neighbours have a house abroad and have frequently invited me to join them. I have, until now, declined for various reasons: didn't feel I knew them well enough/wasn't sure how our kids would get on together/didn't have enough money etc

But this summer I thought I'd go for it (I got left a little bit of money in a will) I'm a single parent with an only child and thought it'd be nice to have a hol with another family. I feel like I know them a bit better now, we've had playdates and been to each other's parties etc

I'm starting to worry now though, and this started when I found out I'd be sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room and DS could either sleep in there with me or with their kids on a different floor.

I am so grateful that this family have included me in their holiday, but I can't help being a bit disappointed as they showed me pictures of the house and the room DS and I would have (which is now allocated to someone else who is going with them) and tbh if I'd have known that I would not be able to have my own room with DS then I wouldn't have booked my flights.

There is nothing I can do now, but if I'm totally honest I feel a bit let down. I feel spoilt and selfish and ungrateful for feeling this way, but I've spent a lot of money on flights and insurance etc and can't help but feel I could have gone on a budget holiday with other friends for the same amount of money and got my own room!

Sorry this is a bit of a rant and I'm not even asking for advice, I know what I have to do, just grin and bear it and enjoy the good things about the holiday.

But I guess I am simply interested in knowing how anyone else would feel in this situation, would it bother you?

elvislives Fri 17-Jul-09 16:07:37

Have you told them that you aren't happy with the change? I wouldn't be either. What you need to think about is that you won't be able to go to bed until everyone else has turned in, and if their children get up early and are used to going straight down and turning on the TV you will get woken up (can you tell I've done this?)

HenriettaJones Fri 17-Jul-09 16:27:36

Yes I have thought about those things And I know I go to bed earlier than they do.

I did mention that I was a little worried about sleeping in the sitting room and they said "ok, let's sort it out when we get there" hmm

The problem is, as they now have someone else staying, someone will have to sleep in the sitting room, so I'd feel uncomfortable kicking up a fuss. Also, I should've mentioned before, the someone else is a 16yo girl they are taking out to babysit for their DCs a couple of nights. So I guess they are under obligation to let her have the room. I didn't know this was the case when I payed for my flights though!

I am normally very assertive, a little confrontational in fact, and if these were friends I knew better I'd be openly p*ed off, but in this case it feels impolite somehow. It is their house after all, and it is generous to invite me and DS.

Thank you for your reply, it is reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who would be bothered!

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